Top 12 Best USB LED Lights Reviews Of 2022

In any room or hall, the illumination is of utmost importance. The use of poor quality light fixtures does not provide enough illumination. Along with the light output, the effect it presents in the room matters a lot. Traditional lights may not enhance the aesthetics of a room. With the setup of USB LED lights, two purposes get fulfilled. These lights provide efficient light output and also make the decor look elegant. Usually, they are devised in a compact size to save space around.

Several models of USB LED lights are designed with a flexible handle. Once connected to the power source, USB LED Lights are possible to bend it at 360°. The best part of these lights is they can be easily connected to a USB port of laptops or other devices. Consequently, you will enjoy the magic light output all around. Take a look at the following article all about the best USB LED lights:

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 List of 12 Best USB LED Lights Review in 2022:

10. Aevdor USB Star Night Light, 3 Colors:

10. Aevdor USB Star Night Light, 3 Colors

To spruce up the decor of any room, this night light from Aevdor suits the most. USB LED Lights not just convey bright light output but also conveys an elegant look. Typically, it is best to set up this night light in bedrooms, living rooms, kids’ rooms, camping sites, party venues, cars, etc. The entire design is lightweight and compact for portability. It is possible to quickly power it through a power bank, computer, car USB port, etc. All you need to do is plug it into a USB slot.

There are 3 light modes available i.e. red, blue-purple, and a combination of red & blue-purple. Unlike USB star light that possesses only one color, this one lets you choose from multiple colors. With the support of 7 vibrant lighting effects, your room or place looks stunning. Just press the button to alter the light effect. When you press it 7 times, it turns off.


  • Portable and adjustable
  • Easy plug and play operation
  • Occupies small space

Why We Liked USB LED Lights?

We like how beautifully it shows the star light decoration in any room. Even at outdoor places, its light output seems bright.

9. Koxly Christmas Fairy String USB Lights:

9. Koxly Christmas Fairy String USB Lights

Presented in a form of fairy lights, these USB lights always stay cool to the touch. No worries about overheating issues. The IP67 waterproof construction gives an idea that these lights can work effectively in all weather conditions. Hence, you can use them both indoors and outdoors for a variety of applications. USB LED Lights are possible to set them in a garden, balcony, dining hall, etc.

With the help of the included remote control, it is easy to choose one among the 4 light modes. Also, this remote helps you to select among 5 brightness levels and 16 dynamic colors. Depending on the type of occasions i.e. wedding or Christmas or any other, you can choose a suitable mode. You can plug its US port to that of a computer or laptop or power bank or TV, etc.


  • Useful for wide applications
  • Supports 16 bright colors
  • Easy to vary the brightness

Why We Liked It?

There is not much energy consumption during use. The light output is very much efficient.

8. Govee TV Backlight 9.8ft RGB Strip Light:

8. Govee TV Backlight 9.8ft RGB Strip Light

Now you can create a beautiful ambiance in any space with this light strip. It is a dimmable USB LED light with support for multiple colors. The entire lighting kit is found useful for desktop, PC, and HDTV. There are 2 methods to control this light. You can manage the TV backlights through the remote control and a control box.

One unique feature is the music mode. It allows this strip light to perfectly synchronize with the rhythm of the music. Whatever your favorite song or sound is, you can sync it with the light output. The support for 6 brightness options and 32 bright colors let you set the mood you wish. Using clips and adhesives, the setup becomes simple. USB LED Lights are possible to stick this strip light behind a TV or PC and power it through a USB port.


  • Various color options included
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Lights sync to the music rhythm

Why We Liked It?

It presents immersive light output for a wonderful ambiance in the room. We like the music mode for a unique light effect.

7. New Fi 9.8ft LED Strip Lights:

7. New Fi 9.8ft LED Strip Lights

With support for 16 million RGB colors, these strip lights always show fascinating output. You can set them on a desk, table, behind the PC, etc. Also, they work well for outdoor occasions. One great aspect to note is the range of signal receiving is unaffected by the hindrances. For instance, the range is unaffected if there are glass or doors or walls or any other obstructions on the way. The range of remote control is 5-10 meters.

On the back part of the strip, a quality 3M adhesive is available. It can be directly attached and installed. On every 3 LED lamp beads, there is a mark present on the connection. This mark lets you cut directly, according to the needs. Hence, you can easily vary the light strip’s length to the desired one.


  • Quality adhesive for easy installation
  • Strip length is adjustable
  • Stays stable on the surface

Why We Liked USB LED Lights?

These lights can work as bright lamps and also as USB power supply.

6. TASMOR 16.4 ft USB Powered LED Light Strip:

6. TASMOR 16.4 ft USB Powered LED Light Strip

TASMOR designs this light strip with a color-changing light effect. This effect seems great for PC, TV, and home decoration. There are 24 keys on its remote control. USB LED Lights let you choose one among 16 static colors and 4 dynamic modes. It also enables you to choose one among the 10 brightness options. Regardless of your place in the room, the lights can be easily controlled.

With the help of its microphone, the lights sync well with the music. No need to use a Bluetooth connection or app for synchronization. Moreover, a USB cable is available. It lets you connect the lights to a PC, TV, and power bank. The 3M adhesive tape at the back helps you to connect the lights to any place.


  • Comes with 10 brightness levels
  • USB cable makes it versatile
  • Easy to install with adhesive tape

Why We Liked It?

There are no safety concerns when using these lights indoors and outdoors.

5. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable USB LED Video Light:

5. Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable USB LED Video Light

The 2 packs of Neewer USB lights are designed to be used with a wall plug. They let you vary brightness from very low to very high. Multiple LED bulbs offer excellent lighting at the output. All these LEDs are energy-saving and efficient.

With the use of the available USB plug, you can connect this light to a desktop PC or mobile or USB socket. This feature gives an idea that you can benefit from bright light anytime, anywhere. There are 4 color filters available to offer dynamic and soft lighting.


  • Colorful light output
  • USB plug offers versatility
  • Tripod stand is adjustable

Why We Liked It?

We like the support for low angle shooting. These video lights can be set up in a living room, office, bathroom, study room, etc.

4. ViLSOM 20 Feet USB LED Strip Lights:

4. ViLSOM 20 Feet USB LED Strip Lights

If you are in search of color-changing LED lights, you can go for this product. ViLSOM designs them to work flawlessly for bedrooms, offices, home decorations, etc. An IR remote control is included. USB LED Lights assist you to turn the lights on/off, vary the brightness, set the colors, etc. With this one remote, you can control 2 strips at diverse places.

There is the availability of 16 static colors to adorn your room. Various modes like a flash, fade, smooth, etc. let you observe various lighting effects.


  • Various function buttons on remote
  • Adhesive sticks perfectly
  • Colorful output works as a decoration

Why We Liked USB LED Lights?

Its remote is so much useful to control various parameters with ease.

3. Lipctine USB LED Car Mini USB Light:

3. Lipctine USB LED Car Mini USB Light

The vibrant color output is the key specialty of this mini USB light. There are 7 bright colors supported. They are namely red, green, blue, yellow, ice blue, pink, and white. One wonderful feature is it does not consume much energy. The entire operation is eco-friendly. The body of the light is durable enough to work well in outdoor places. With its USB port, it can connect to a car, laptop, power bank, etc.


  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Supports 7 colors
  • Space-saving design

Why We Liked It?

All its LEDs are extremely bright and colorful.

2. ASOKO LED Under Cabinet Lighting Bar:

2. ASOKO LED Under Cabinet Lighting Bar

For diverse indoors and outdoors places, this lighting bar works reliably. It is a dimmable light whose brightness can be adjusted easily. The maximum lumens output is 350 lm. It supports 3 color temperatures. They are neutral white, warm white, and daylight white. The built-in magnets facilitate ease of installation. Simply attach the magnets on the iron surface and so, the light will stay attached.


  • Efficient and portable
  • Magnets offer easy installation
  • Brightness is adjustable

Why We Liked USB LED Lights?

The great versatility lets you use it for kitchen, office, cabinet, closet, etc.

1. PANGTON VILLA 6.56 ft LED Strip Lights:

1. PANGTON VILLA 6.56 ft LED Strip Lights

Using these LED strip lights, you can illuminate all sides of a TV. The bright light output all across the TV helps you to see the TV’s output more clearly. The included remote control comes with 24 keys. With this remote, you can choose one among 16 colors and one among 4 modes. Furthermore, the included adhesive tape is double-sided. It offers the simplicity of setup.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Improves image clarity of TV
  • Supports 16 colors

Why We Liked USB LED Lights?

These strip lights continue to work well for years without replacement.

Features to key consider for USB LED lights:

Once you go through these factors, you can pick up the best USB LED lights:

Light colors:

One of the greatest things about USB LED lights is their LEDs change colors easily. The vibrant color-changing effect brings great aesthetics to the room. In some models, you may find up to 32 or more vibrant colors. The dynamic color effect beautifully enhances the decor of your space.

The choice of light colors largely depends on the place of setup and the type of application. For instance, if the place needs great focus then daylight white is a great choice. If you want to set up at the place for relaxation or sleeping, warm white is a great option. The color-changing effect lets you alter the light’s temperature from cool to warm and vice versa. Besides, you can also find multi-color RGB USB lights that provide ample customization options.


The key essence of any USB LED light is its brightness output. Depending on your mood, needs, and type of place, you may need to adjust the brightness. It is better to avoid those models that do not allow you to vary the brightness. The freedom to vary the brightness provides you complete control over the operation of the light.

In some of these lights, there is the flexibility to select from 1 to 5 brightness levels. You can choose the one that optimally suits your eyes. Certain USB LED lights are equipped with a remote control to vary the brightness levels. The higher the brightness ability, the higher would be the lumens output.


The position of the USB LED light needs to be properly fixed for maximum benefit. However, the need may arise to change the position of the light unit. So, you can choose the one that comes with a flexible neck. This component allows you to vary the position of the LEDs where you want them. As a result, there will be enough illumination in the region you need. Many modern LED lights come with goosenecks allowing you to vary the light and focus it where you want it the most.

Concluding Note:

The USB LED lights consume less energy and deliver bright light output. Whether you want to remove the extreme darkness in the room or just set up a decorative light piece, these products are useful.

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