Top 9 Best Small Treadmills Reviews in 2022

Exercising on a daily basis is very important to keep both your physical and mental health strong and healthy. One of the convenient ways to exercise at home is by using the treadmills. However, treadmills can be on the bigger equipment side which would be a downside for those with limited living spaces.

In order to combat this issue, smaller sized treadmills are made to fulfill the need for a convenient workout home equipment. Below are the top ten best recommended small treadmills to use for a healthier lifestyle.

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List of 9 Best Small Treadmills Reviews in 2022:

#9. LINKLIFE Compact Treadmills

#9. LINKLIFE Compact Treadmill

This foldable treadmill has a simple yet functional design. It is a great space saving treadmill design which can easily store under the sofa or bed or even in the corner. The treadmill has a measured size of 50.8 x 26 x 44.5 inches when fully expanded and is also equipped with a running belt with a diameter of 15” x 41.3”. The running belt is a non-slip and shock-absorbing belt type which not only gives spacious room for exercising but also comfort and security. The treadmill is also a quiet machine owing to its low and smooth noise motor

This 2-in-1 foldable treadmill is the perfect choice for a comfortable spacious workout at home with functional features as a convenient home equipment.

#8. Youen Treadmill for Home

#8. Youen Treadmill for Home

This attractive treadmill is an electric treadmill with great quality and functionality. It can be used in two different ways, with or without the assistance bar raised, and have the same effective results and comfort. The sturdy and heavy-duty construction of this treadmill allows it to withstand weight up to 220lbs. It is equipped with LED monitor display and has flxible wheels to easily move around to a desired location. This treadmill design makes it convenient for users to store under a desk or in a corner.

Keep your lifestyle healthy and modern with this beneficial and functional, foldable small treadmill with the best quality offered.

#7. FYC Folding Treadmills

#7. FYC Folding Treadmill

This multifunctional treadmill is a space saving and impactful small treadmill. The treadmill has a 14.9” x 41.3” running belt running area that is both comfortable and sturdy. It also equips with a quiet, smooth 1.5HP motor. With this treadmill, users can enjoy the selection between 12 different optional speed settings. While running or walking, users can monitor their performance throughout the LCD display. It is easy to store and is very convenient to set up without needing any screws to install.

Achieve your daily workout goal with the help from this foldable, small treadmill and get a 2 year warranty with the purchase of the product.

#6.HTNBO Treadmill

#6.HTNBO Treadmill

This small treadmill is made with a sturdy steel frame and has an overall product dimension of 41.3” x 20.9” x 45.3”. This treadmill has three different slope setting options to choose from including flat mode, climbing mode and mountaineering mode. The treadmill also has an LED control panel display screen to track workout performance such as speed, time, distance and more. The texture of the running belt is made from PVC and has a size measurement of 36.6” x 14.2”.

This sturdy and well built treadmill construction and design is a great equipment to use at home with portability, convenience and efficiency.

#5. GYMAX Treadmills with Bluetooth

#5. GYMAX Treadmill with Bluetooth

This innovative and eye catching treadmill design offers the comfort and multifunctional features for users to choose from. This treadmill has a motor capacity of 2.25HP and also has a soft and low noise motor feature. As for the treadmill running belt, it is a 7-layer running belt with shock absorbing and non-slip features. This foldable treadmill also equips with an LED monitor display with cool visual and necessary data access. In addition to all these features and functions, this treadmill also has bluetooth speaker access and also a phone holder as well as wheels at the bottom of the machine for easy relocation purposes.

Enjoy a beneficial and comfortable time working out with this small and compact treadmill design at the leisure of your own home.

#4. Miageek Under Desk Treadmills

#4. Miageek Under Desk Treadmill

The 2-in-1 small treadmill from Miageek is a product which offers great functionality as a workout equipment. It designs to have a low noise 2.25HP motor and also has an effective shock reduction operation system installed. The treadmill props with an LED display and a bluetooth connection audio speaker as well as a remote controller. The design of the treadmill also allows it to have a space saving feature with its foldable handrail.

This treadmill can use for walking, running or jogging according to the user’s preference and will provide the best form of comfort and convenience to the users as well.

#3. Sunny Health & Fitness Small Treadmill

#3. Sunny Health & Fitness

As for this easy to use and flexible small treadmill design, it is the ultimate treadmill machine for workout usage. This treadmill has an ultra portage low profile design. It has a foldable flat feature and equips with an integrated pedometer and a display of workout performance. Although the treadmill has a low profile, it is also a very sturdy product built with shock absorbing running belt surface and can support over 220lbs of weight. The treadmill also has a powerful 2.5HP motor as a power source.

Purchase this sleek treadmill design to enhance your lifestyle with a good workout session at home while being able to save living spaces with the foldable treadmill design.

#2. Goplus 2-in-1 Small Treadmill

#2. Goplus 2-in-1

The treadmill of this design from Goplus can easily store and moved as it has a compact design equipped with transport wheels. This treadmill featured a non-slip surface for the running belt with a spacious area to provide comfortable movement flow. It also equips with an LED, multifunctional display which shows the speed, time, distance and calories during the workout. Another great additional feature of this treadmill is its ability to connect with a bluetooth speaker, a convenient phone holder and remote control for easy control access over the treadmill. The 2.25HP motor of the treadmill will ensure a powerful force and ultra-quiet motor.

This attractive treadmill is a perfect fit for a simple yet healthy home workout and is most suitable for homes with limited floor space.

#1. XTERRA Fitness Folding Treadmills

#1. XTERRA Fitness Folding Treadmill

This XTERRA Fitness treadmill model has a design of a compatible and powerful treadmill suitable for use at home. It has a running belt size measurement of 16” x 50” to ensure the users with a comfortable and spacious surface. This treadmill also has 3 different incline settings and is also propped with a large LCD display to track workout performance. This extremely efficient treadmill has a powerful motor of 2.25HP which also provided smoothness and low noise when in use.

The fold up design of this treadmill makes it a very powerful and exceptional treadmill product to use at home with a compatible and sturdy design.

Buying Guides Of The Small Treadmill:

Although the smaller versions of treadmill make things much more convenient, it is still important that it has the functionality and effects of the original treadmill design. These are some qualities in which the small treadmills should have to be considered the best small treadmill product.


The functionality of the treadmill included its motor power capabilities, modes and settings of the treadmill and more should be able to give the user a great and comfortable experience during the workout.


Some features of the treadmill which makes it the best should have both necessary features such as monitor display, handrails etc and any other additional features.


As a small treadmill, it is important that the treadmill is designed to save space and is easy to store and use.


Treadmill is one of the essential workout equipment and it is even more desirable with its innovative and creative small, compact design. Give yourself a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly with your very own small and convenience treadmill.

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