Top 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops in 2022 Reviews

The taste and speed of cooking are two secrets of efficient cooking. Some recipes are so delicious that you just cannot wait to consume them. For efficient cooking of a wide assortment of recipes, a portable induction cooktop is a great alternative. Being portable, carry it anywhere you like, connect to an electric outlet, and start cooking! Induction Cooktops are tremendously easy to use that any individual can become a chef. High energy-efficiency, fast speed, and portability are the key characteristics of these appliances.

In the contemporary era, induction technology is the fastest, safest, and most accurate approach for cooking. What sets these cooktops apart from the rest is they allow you to pick specific temperatures. This is why they are versatile for efficient cooking of a plethora of recipes. One of the superlative aspects is that food will not get overheated. No troubles on dangerous and accidental mishaps during cooking. Benefit from hassle-free cooking with the below selection of the best portable induction cooktops:

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Feature to key consider for best portable induction cooktops:

To simplify the buying hassles for portable induction cooktops, look at these features:

Size of cooktpop:

An induction cooktop is available in diverse sizes like 1, 2, and so on up to 5 induction zones. The cooktops with a single zone are the most prevalent option. However, for those who want to multitask, they want dishes to be prepared just in a few minutes. For them, it is recommended to choose a cooktop with 2 zones. Hence, 2 different recipes can be cooked simultaneously.

When it comes to price, the single zone induction cooktops are comparatively inexpensive than one with multiple zones. The choice for the number of zones also relies on the size of the kitchen.

Temperature settings:

The ability to vary the temperature and power is the greatest feature of all induction cooktops. With appropriate adjustment of temperature, you will perceive the effect on the speed and taste of the cook. It is recommended to choose the one that allows temperature adjustment in the range of 140 to 430°F. Within this limit, there are multiple temperature levels available. Pick the most pertinent one based on the type of recipe. For example, the temperature setting for boiling will be different than that for frying.

User-friendly features:

Another intention behind buying a portable induction cooktop is to enjoy the ease of cooking. The availability of a control panel allows anyone to easily adjust the temperature, power, and other preset settings. The available knob helps you to effortlessly varies different parameters. There is the inclusion of touch controls in some models for comfortable adjustments.

For safety and user convenience, an automatic shut-off feature is implemented in some induction cooktops. If there is limited kitchen space, go for a cooktop with a sleek and lightweight design. For exceptional safety, the child lock is found in some cooktops.

List of 10 Best Portable Induction Cooktops Review in 2022:

10. Gastrorag 1800W Portable Double Induction Ceramic Cooktop:

10. Gastrorag 1800W Portable Double Induction Ceramic Cooktop

For those who are in search of an energy-efficient cooktop, this Gastrorag product is the best choice. It can effectively cook plenty of recipes at your convenience. There are 2 distinct heating zones available for proper heat circulation. According to the type of recipe, vary the temperature from the 10 levels. These levels range from 140°F to 460°F. So, you can choose a specific temperature for boiling, frying, steaming, etc. To make sure any recipe does not get excessively burnt, a timer is included. It can function for up to 180 minutes.

Another key element is the burners. They can automatically adjust to save energy after detecting the dimensions of the cookware base. To facilitate the user with a user-friendly interface, an easy-to-use digital control panel is there. But, there is no much time waste on cleaning since the surface has smooth glass and ceramic. Within less time, you can wipe it down using a wet cloth. Weighing merely 8.7 lbs, it is easy to store and handle. Moreover, the petite size suggests its versatility for small kitchens, parties, RVs, etc. An automatic shut-down feature is also included.


  • Lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Comes with a child safety lock
  • Burners save energy

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktops?

Due to rapid heating, the cooking process is effective and fast.

9. Varcul 1300W Portable Electric Induction Cooktop:

9. Varcul 1300W Portable Electric Induction Cooktop

Compared to gas, electric, and traditional stoves, this cooktop is more efficient. It implements rapid heating that ultimately saves time and money. There is a special facility to vary temperature and time depending on the type of recipe. A rotary button is available for ease of adjustment of these parameters. With this button, the control of temperature is always precise. For proper control of time, touch buttons and LED screen.

To save energy, there is an arrangement of an automatic turn off within 2 hours. When nobody operates the cooktop within this duration, it turns off automatically. With the help of a built-in fan, heat dissipation is efficient. The exhaust ports are available in the interior as well as the bottom of the cooktop. Hence, the cooktop cools down quickly in very little time.


  • Accurate control of temperature
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Easy to clean

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktops?

We like the portability and ability to save energy.

8. Deik 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop:

8. Deik 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Deik creates this induction cooktop based on high thermal efficiency. It comes implemented with advanced electromagnetic induction to efficiently heat the coils inside. So, the heat transfer amongst the internal bonds is reduced and more heat gets transferred to the food. There are thick double-layer coils present inside to facilitate quick heating. Within a few seconds, the temperature of the base of the pot can rise to a high temperature. Particularly for cooking for the family, this feature proves useful.

The included timer is equipped with 10 temperature settings. You can easily vary the temperature in the range of 60°C to 240°C. This timer is efficient enough to accomplish various cooking tasks. but, it can work for simmering, boiling, deep-frying, steaming, searing, etc. Furthermore, the cooktop comes in an attractive appearance and high durability. What’s more, cleaning is a breeze with a wet cloth.


  • Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Implements rapid heating mechanism
  • Does not overheat

Why We Liked It?

The thermal efficiency is great for various cooking tasks.

7. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktops:

7. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop

The working mechanism of the cooktop from Duxtop as shown above is based on energy efficiency. It directly conveys the electromagnetic energy to the cookware without dissipating energy over a heating element. This is the key reason why the appliance and rapidly cook various recipes. There are 2 distinct heating zones available. Set anyone with the help of an LCD screen.

There are 20 preset levels in each temperature mode and power mode. As a result, you can choose the perfect level suiting your cooking task. Just press the button to change the cooking modes. The temperature mode is best for frying, sauting, and steaming. On the other hand, power mode is suitable for retaining the warmth of food and for boiling.


  • Does not waste energy
  • The touch control panel is easy to use
  • Child safety lock offers safety

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktops?

There are zero chances of overheating.

6. CUSIMAX 1800W Portable Induction Cooktops Burner:

6. CUSIMAX 1800W Portable Induction Cooktops Burner

What makes this CUSIMAX induction burner famous is the even heat distribution. The built-in electromagnetic coils are helpful to achieve this. At maximum power of 1800W, the heat distribution is made uniform. So, a huge amount of heat gets delivered to the pot. But, this is why this appliance is famous for rapid heat up and saving cooking time. 9 power levels are ranging from 200W to 1800W. Moreover, there are 10 temperature levels in the range of 140℉ to 464℉. Select any of the temperature level to accomplish either frying or boiling or steaming, etc.

Regarding compatibility, the cooktop works well with cookwares like steel, cast aluminum, and enameled iron. For safety, a timer with 3 hours of duration is included. Also, a child safety lock is available for the safety of kids.


  • Automatic shut down to save power
  • Various safety features included
  • Uniform heat distribution

Why We Liked It?

We like the ease of varying the temperature and power.

5. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktops, 9100MC/BT-M20B:

5. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop, 9100MC BT-M20B

The portable, lightweight design of this Duxtop cooktop leads to ease of storage and handling. It works perfectly for the kitchen, backyard cooking, RVs, etc. With the facility of 15 preset levels of power, it is easy to vary power from 20W to 1800W. Apart from this, you can vary the temperature from 140°F to 460°F. It is perceived that this cooktop is more efficient than conventional gas or electric stoves.

There is no heating element or open flame. But, this is why it is easy to monitor the cooking process. Since the food does not get burnt on the glass cooktop, the burner is easy to clean. Furthermore, the auto-pan detection automatically shuts off the operation if no cookware is detected for 1 minute.


  • High energy efficiency
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to monitor the cooking process

Why We Liked It?

It is well-known for rapid cooking time.

4. Sunmaki Portable Induction Cooktops, 4 hours Timer:

4. Sunmaki Portable Induction Cooktop, 4 hours Timer

Considering the simplicity of storage, Sunmaki designs this cooktop in a compact size. When not in use, store it in a locker or carry it in a bag. One important aspect to note is that the panel control is equipped with a soft mirror surface. It possesses waterproof functionality as well as enhances the kitchen decor.

A water boil function is included to rapidly boil 1 liter of water. In 5 minutes, this much volume of water gets boiled. For user convenience, a blue screen and a digital LCD sensor are present.


  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Multiple safety features included
  • Comes with a water boil function

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktops?

There is a great saving of time, energy, and money.

3. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, 9600LS/BT-200DZ:

3. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, 9600L T-200DZ

Duxtop exceptionally designs this cooktop to let the user choose a specific temperature and power setting. There are 20 preset levels in both temperature mode as well as power mode. It findsthat the induction burner is more efficient than electric or gas stoves. But, there is a water boil function to quickly heat water.

In the touch control panel, a digital sensor is available. For kids’ safety, a child safety lock feature is implemented. With the convenience of auto-pan detection, the cooktop shuts off the operation if there is no cookware detected for a minute.


  • User-friendly touch control panel
  • Easy adjustment of temperature and power
  • Automatic shut-off saves energy

Why We Liked It?

The heating area is large and uniform.

2. iSiLER 1800W Portable Induction Cooktops:

2. iSiLER 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

With this iSiLER cooktop, you get to choose from various power levels and temperature levels. It is quite simple to vary the power from 100W up to 1800W. Choose a suitable level to accomplish tasks like simmering, boiling, steaming, slow cooking, grilling, etc. There is a facility to choose the one among 17 temperature levels. To let the user benefit from comfortable use, huge touch buttons are present.


  • Suitable for various cooking tasks
  • Easy to select the appropriate temperature
  • Round edges offer safety

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktop?

For safety, it comes with overheat and child lock safety features.

1. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop, Gold 8100MC/BT-180G3:

1. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop, Gold 8100MC BT-180G3

Securing the first position in this list, this Duxtop cooktop has a lot of features. Firstly, it is designed to compact and lightweight for comfortable use anywhere. There is a digital timer with a maximum duration of up to 170 minutes. It lets you vary the timing in 1-minute increments. So, the built-in fan is equipped with 7 blades. So, efficient heat is always guaranteed.


  • Uniform heating mechanism
  • Efficient heat dissipation
  • Various levels for temperature and power

Why We Liked Portable Induction Cooktops?

There are various user-friendly features implemented.

Concluding Note:

For quick heat up time and energy efficiency, these are the great portable induction cooktops. They fulfill the needs for various cooking tasks anywhere.

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