Top 10 Best Outdoor Curtains Reviews in 2022

Outdoor curtains are beneficial and quite practical. They block out sunlight effectively, and provide us with privacy. Some outdoor curtains are even weatherproof. Thus, they protect us from winter chills and more.

That said, we should always look for quality outdoor curtains. To aid your selection for an outdoor curtain for your needs, we are here for the top ten best outdoor curtains in 2022 with a product buying guide. Let’s now begin.

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List of 10 Best Outdoor Curtains Reviews in 2022:

#10. RYB Home Outdoor Curtains for Garden and Patio

#10. RYB Home Outdoor Curtains for Garden and Patio

First off, we have a great curtain from RYB. The curtain can block light from 85% to 95% without any hassles at all. It is very versatile in uses that allows us to use it for years. Additionally, it offers great privacy. The curtain has a thermal insulation that is good to protect from sunlight. It can also block winter chilling as well.

There are four color options for our considerations. We can consider any colors that fit with our home decoration. Furthermore, it is offered by the company with one-month full-satisfaction warranties. It is a brilliant curtain if you want to get privacy back. There are some of you whose homes are in neighborhoods that there is no privacy. Placing the curtain besides blocking the light also gives us privacy we want. These are all the qualities we highly desire from an outdoor curtain.

#9. Elrene Home Fashions Outdoor Curtains

#9. Elrene Home Fashions Outdoor Curtains

This curtain is good for those of us who like stripe color. Moreover, it is convenient to hang the piece of curtain without hassles. As a result, it doesn’t take much of your effort to set it up. Furthermore, it comes with grommet that is made of stainless steel. It allows the curtain to pass through. Meanwhile, it is fade-resistant as well as water-resistant.

The product blocks out the sunlight. It serves as a good decoration whether it be your balcony, porch, sun room, living room, dining room and more. Additionally, it offers us privacy. The product is safe with a washing machine. As a result, it is very easy and convenient to take good cares of it.

#8. Exclusive Home Curtains Outdoor Curtains

#8. Exclusive Home Curtains Outdoor Curtains

This lovely curtain constructed with polyester fabric. Furthermore, the fabric is water-resistant as well as mildew-resistant. Meanwhile, the package includes two curtain panels. This is brilliant for fairly enough curtains to block out sunlight and get privacy. However, we should have a few packages, so it creates an excellent decoration for homes.

The product features several color choices for your consideration. Besides, it is not safe with a washing machine. It is recommended that you hand wash the curtain. You can iron it in a low heating to remove all those wrinkles. There is thus no doubt that the better you take care of it, the better it serves you.

#7. H. Versailtex Outdoor Curtains

#7. H. Versailtex Outdoor Curtain

H. Versailtex is an astonishing curtain we can have. The product is wrinkle-free. As a result, it doesn’t take much of your effort to take care of it. Moreover, the product is color-fading. The grommet is made of materials that are rust-proofed. Meanwhile, it can surely block out sunlight for 100% which is an excellent and exceptional quality the product should have.

The product is waterproofed. Furthermore, you can use it to decorate many places such as gardens, room dividers, patio, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. It has good craftsmanship with linen. You can use it with a washing machine as well. Lastly, it is one of the most excellent outdoor curtains available in the market.

#6. HGMart Light-blocking Outdoor Curtains

#6. HGMart Light-blocking Outdoor Curtains

This one is a heavy-duty curtain that protects your homes from UV. It blocks light perfectly. Furthermore, it is waterproof. The product is smart to serve at many places including deck, cabana, gazebo, pergola and patio. What’s more, it gives you back privacy. There is no worry that someone is intruding your privacy with it.

Besides, this curtain comes with one-month full-satisfaction warranties. We can apply for refunds if we are not satisfied with the product.

#5. NiceTown Outdoor Curtains and Drapes

#5. NiceTown Outdoor Curtains and Drapes

This product comes with only one panel. Additionally, the curtain is water-resistant. Because it can blow in with wind, we can tie it with the bonus tie included in the package. Moreover, the design allows a little bit of sunlight in. However, it still maintains your privacy. You don’t need to care much whether it becomes wrinkly because the product is wrinkle-free. It is an excellent quality that not many outdoor curtains possess.

Additionally, the material is safe with a washing machine. It is a lightweight curtain that fits perfectly to our home design. Besides, it is easy to slide the panel with it. The product is very versatile and user-friendly, as a result, and we like it for this reason.

#4. SunZero Indoor Outdoor Curtains

#4. SunZero Indoor Outdoor Curtains

Here is another top-rated water-resistant and stain-resistant curtain. This one is also fade-resistant which serves as a great curtain for us. It blocks sunlight and gives us privacy. Additionally, the grommet that fits with the curtain is rustproof, that serves excellently for home curtains. The grommet can last as long as the curtain, consequently.

You can place this curtain at many places at homes including living rooms, bedrooms, patio and more. The product is special because it helps to block out sunlight very perfectly. Thus, it is a strong point for considering it. These are all astounding qualities presented from SunZero.

#3. Rose Home Fashion 2-Panel Outdoor Curtains

#3. Rose Home Fashion 2-Panel Outdoor Curtains

The product comes with two panels which are enough for hanging. You can use it in different environments including sunroom, balcony, pergola, porch, patio, etc. Additionally, there are two different color choices for your consideration. It can block out 100% sunlight without hassles. As a result, it protects your families from sunlight and UV rays.

Besides, the grommet is rust proof. Meanwhile, the fabric is water-resistant. It is a perfect outdoor curtain for the whole family. What’s more, it is free from wrinkles, and the product is safe with a washing machine. The curtain overall protects you and your families from both chill and heating. It is one great curtain indeed.

#2. RYB Windproof and Waterproof Home Outdoor Curtain

#2. RYB Windproof and Waterproof Home Outdoor Curtain

This curtain helps to block out sunlight in homes amazingly. It can block from 85% to 95% of sunlight. Moreover, it features grommets that are rust proof because of their construction material. Meanwhile, this is a very versatile outdoor curtain for you. What’s more, there are various colors you can choose from. The product is fitted with many different locations including pavilion, gazebo, garden, porch, front, patio and more.

It is very easy to take good care of it. The product is safe with a washing machine. Furthermore, there are one-month full satisfaction warranties from the company. This is one great advantage additional to the already many advantages of the curtain’s.

#1. NiceTown Outdoor Curtain for Patio

#1. NiceTown Outdoor Curtains for Patio

In addition to coming in several colors, this curtain is durable because it can withstand shine, wind and rain. The product is tough against all those weathers. Specially, it features triple weave tech that helps to block intense heat in the morning and afternoon. It keeps your room temperature cool without wasting the energy much on air-conditioners.

Furthermore, it is free from wrinkles, that is a great benefit of it. What’s more, the product is not too lightweight or heavy that serves as an exceptional curtain. The grommet is rust proof that assures long-lasting uses.. Besides, it is easy to take good care of it because it is a quality product. It is safe with a washing machine, so there is no doubt that we can have it featured at homes with a brilliant look.

Buying Guides Of The Best Outdoor Curtain:

Quality Fabric:

A premium curtain should come with quality fabrics. Those fabrics can be linen or polyester; however, it assures long-lasting uses of its. There should be a great concern for us to only choose those curtains that are long-lasting in uses.

Block Out Light:

It should come with a quality to block out those sun lights. As a result, it can protect us from UV rays. It is important that a premium outdoor curtain features the quality.

Giving Privacy:

We should also strive for more. We should consider those products that give us privacy. It blocks the outsiders from seeing what is inside there. As a result, it is smart to consider those products that offer exceptional privacy to us.


The curtain should come with a weatherproofed quality as well. There is no doubt that it should protect us from sunlight, but there can be other weather conditions such as winter chills, raining and more. As a result, the curtain should be waterproofed and proofed against winter chill. It should block the winter chills as well.


There is no doubt that we should strive for excellent and exceptional curtains. There are plenty of curtains available in the market, and we should consider qualities such as fabric, blocking out sunlight, giving privacy and weather resistance to filter out those many options. We hope the above list of the top 10 best outdoor curtains can be of help for your selection.

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