Top 5 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Reviews Of 2022

Keep your bike stable and secure with one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks. They are durable, sturdy, and reliable than other tire stops. What’s more, most of these tools have heavy-duty steel built for ultimate longevity. You can use a model to mount your wheel without an extra set of hands. And at the same time, it holds the roller perfectly in place to serve the intended purpose. If finding a reliable model is getting frustrating, we are here for you. Not only have we searched for dependable but also the best motorcycle wheel chocks in 2022.

Bestseller Motorcycle Wheel Chocks On Site:

Bestseller No. 2
MAXXHAUL 70472 Solid Rubber Heavy Duty Black Wheel Chock 2-Pack, 8" x 4" x 6"
Approximate size: 8 inch length x 4 inch width x 5 inch height; Designed to perform better than plastic or resin-made wheel chocks
SaleBestseller No. 3
Camco 44414 Wheel Chock Without Rope, Helps Keep Your Trailer RV In Place (Pack of 2) , Yellow
Helps keep your trailer in place; Durable hard plastic with UV inhibitors; Re hitch with confidence
$10.80 $10.22
SaleBestseller No. 4
X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012
Fits even the tightest of applications retracting down to 1 3/8” and extends to 10”; Rust inhibitive coating.
$100.60 $74.31
SaleBestseller No. 6
Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer 2 Sets, Double Speed Heavy Duty Truck RV Tire Scissor Locking X Chock, Camper Accessories for Travel Trailers Tire Chalks, Anti Rust Coating, Fit for 3.5” to 12”
Suitable for the tightest distance of wheel down to 3.5" and extends to 12"; Applying an opposing force to the two tires to prevents wheel shift
$89.99 $47.98

List of 5 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks Review in 2022:

#5. 7BLACKSMITHS Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Stop

#5 7BLACKSMITHS Trailer Motorcycle Wheel Stop

By: 7BLACKSMITHS Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This wheel stop is crafted for trailer use thanks to the simple design. It can hold your bike securely without unnecessary shakes and movements. Not only that but also one person can fix it without needing an extra set of hands. This tool is easy to load and unload, unlike the conventional ones, for more convenience. What’s more, the mounting requires 2 tie-down straps to add stability and safety. The structure of this product works on rear and front tires from 14 to 22 inches. And it’s dimensions are 9 inches wide by 25 inches long by 15 inches high in an upright position.

The adjustable cradle of this equipment fits all types of bike tires such as sportbikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, heavy touring bikes, and much more. Also, the overall load it can accommodate reaches 3000 pounds making it more reliable than the rest. We take note of the steel metal used to create this wheel chock. It supplies an incredible strength to last for an extended time. And the black coating guarantees a corrosion-free use even when exposed to wet conditions.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a simple design suitable for trailer use
  • The 2 tie-down straps add stability and safety
  • Comes with a black coating for improved corrosion resistance

#4. MaxxHaul 70271 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

#4 MaxxHaul 70271 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

By: MaxxHaul Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

MaxxHaul brand has a variety of wheel chocks to meet everyone’s needs. For instance, this model’s maximum capacity is 1800 pounds for ultimate hold. You can secure it onto your bike without worrying about the overall weight. What’s more, the stand is well-made to support as simple use while providing additional support. And the anchor points come in handy to add stability after mounting your motorcycle wheel.

Furthermore, we understand that some of the best motorcycle wheel chocks are expensive. This has much more affordable pricing to offer versatile and reliable performance. Moreover, it accommodates most tires with a 3-5 inch width. This is great to serve a lot of wheel types from different brands in the market. Another feature of this tool is heavy-duty and aesthetically-appealing finish. It has a black powder coat for improved rust resistance and longevity. Plus, a self-locking tire cradle uses your bike’s load to remain upright.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The superior structure holds up to 1800 pounds of bike’s load
  • The anchor points add ultimate stability after mounting
  • Suitable for tires with a 3″ to 5″ width

#3. CONDOR Pit Trailer-Stop

#3 CONDOR Pit Trailer-Stop

By: Condor Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

This wheel chock is fully adjustable for ultimate user convenience and service. Priding a superior locking system, it can accommodate either the rear or front wheel perfectly. Besides, the maximum size it can handle ranges between 15 inches to 22 inches. That means a comfortable and straightforward setup for most people, even beginners. In addition, this gadget’s patented locking mechanism supports your bike in an upright angle/position on any floor type. Whether you are working on gravel, tarmac, or hardwood terrain, stability is guaranteed.

We love the versatility and dependability of this Pit Stop. Use it as a simple trailer stop with the supplied trailer adapter kit. Also, you can attach and detach the kit quickly as needed. The design of this tool requires one individual to load or release the motorcycle. Plus, the two tie-down straps improve security during transportation.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Offers a convenient and fully adjustable service
  • The superior locking system accommodates rear or front wheel
  • Supports a bike in an upright angle on any floor type

#2. MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

#2 MaxxHaul 70075 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

By: MaxxHaul

There’s a good reason why MaxxHaul is one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks in the industry. It comes with 3-position holes you can adjust to get the perfect fit. Not only that but also the adjustability is perfect on the wheelbase to support various motorbike wheels. This unit’s easy setup does not affect its overall service. Simply use the mounts and hardware to secure a trailer, truck, or floor. As a result, you’ll enjoy a versatile but simple operation, even for beginners.

What’s more, this gadget measures 24 inches long by 9.75 inches wide by 12.87 inches tall. For the base, its dimensions are 15-5/8 inches long by 0-5/8 inches wide for maximum stability and accurate hold. Also, these profiles are smaller than the conventional ones to give you a smooth and comfortable installation. And it locks your roller as you roll it smoothly into this unit. Priding a heavy-duty steel design, this chock resists rust for enhanced durability.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a versatile design featuring 3-position holes
  • Easy to fix on a motorbike wheel using the mounts and hardware
  • The steel material is rust-resistant and durable

#1. Extreme Max 5001.5010 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

#1 Extreme Max 5001.5010 Motorcycle Wheel Chock

By: Extreme Max Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

The Extreme Max wheel chock is perfect for motorcycles. It is stable, robust, and sleek, thanks to the premium construction. Also, you can drive your bike onto this unit as the rear wheel locks the front tire in place. Designed from heavy-duty steel, it offers maximum strength and reliability. Plus, the textured matte finish with a black powder coat, looks great in any environment. We love the simple format of this gadget to use minimal room on your mounting surface. At the same time, it provides ultimate stability for your motorbike.

By combining a secure front crossbar with a boot, this equipment is space-efficient. It can fit 17 to 21-inch rollers between 3-5/32 inch to 7-3/32 inch wide. Moreover, the construction is perfect for hauling or storing multiple motorcycles. You can use it to mount on a lift to meet your preference, while the multiple rear wheel adjustments let you fix tires perfectly for stability, whether it’s during maintenance, transport, or storage.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a stable, robust, and sleek black design
  • The heavy-duty steel is strong and dependable
  • Space-efficient structure unlike other wheel chocks.

What is the best motorcycle wheel chock?

Several factors influence the service of a motorcycle wheel chock. This makes it a bit challenging for new users to pick a reliable one. Also, the numerous models don’t help in choosing a suitable wheel chock. Consider the following elements when comparing the best motorcycle wheel chocks.


The many brands that make wheel chocks are quite many such as MaxxHaul, Extreme Maxx, Condor, and much more. MaxxHaul has an advantage over the others thanks to 3-position holes. They let you adjust the position to suit your bike wheel’s needs. Also, this model is super easy to set up than others to enhance user convenience.

Condor Model

When you have the Condor wheel chock, it comes fully adjustable. You can use the superior locking system to fix the rear or front roller perfectly. What’s more, the maximum size it accommodates is 12 to 22 inches for maximum versatility. This design has an innovative locking mechanism to leave your bike in an upright angle/position. Plus, it works on any floor type such as gravel, hardwood, tarmac, and much more.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are also known as trailer stops. They are mostly used by motorists with bikes to secure the wheel. Also, the numerous features of these gadgets affect the overall service. They are as follows:


Pick a motorcycle wheel chock with a versatile design to get better user convenience. Some are versatile enough to allow simple minuting of different types of bikes. You can mount your sportbike, dirt bike, cruiser, heavy touring bikes, and more using an adjustable cradle. What’s more, this feature is well-made and flexible enough to meet your position needs.

Most of the best motorcycle wheel chocks are created to withstand a certain weight. A model like 7BLACKSMITHS, it holds up to 300 pounds perfectly. Also, MaxxHaul can manage up to 1800 pounds perfectly without breaking or shaking. This all depends on the material used for construction and the manufacturing process. If you own a heavyweight motorcycle, choose the higher weight limit for the best service.


Another feature for a motorcycle wheel chock is the metal used for construction. The most common one is heavy-duty steel because of its reliable and robust properties. Not only that but also it won’t rust or buckle when exposed to high pressure. What’s more, this material comes coated with premium anti-rust coating. It improves the overall appeal in your shop, garage, and other places.

To Conclude:

Keep your bike stable and secure with one of the best motorcycle wheel chocks. The most common models are made from steel thanks to its durability. Also, this metal has improved rust resistance and strength to last for an extended time. You can mount different-sized wheel tires using this tool to get a versatile application. Plus, the superior mechanism withstands a high load for ultimate precision. Always check the design of the best motorcycle wheel chocks to know of its performance, service, and mounting needs.

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