Top 10 Best Mexican Blankets Reviews in 2022

Regular blankets are used only to cover your body or your bed. Yet, Mexican blankets are different. Not only can these blankets be used as a body or bed cover, but they can also double as a beach blanket, camping blanket, yoga blanket wall tapestry, throw blanket, etc.

Furthermore, these blankets can deck your home with such a decorative touch. In this article, our team will present the ultimate list of the top 10 Mexican blankets and a buying guide to you in finding the best product.

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List of 10 Best Mexican Blankets Reviews in 2022:

#10. El Paso Designs Pastel Bloom Mexican Blankets

#10. El Paso Designs Pastel Bloom Mexican Blankets

Let’s start with a lovely Mexican blanket from the Brand, EL Paso Designs. This blanket is designed to be heavy. It can be used as a throw blanket, Yoga blanket, wall tapestry, twin bedspread, and bed blanket. This one is very durable as it is made from colorful acrylic which is very thick. And, it is a resistant strain.

Furthermore, those with allergies can use this blanket as well as it is hypoallergenic. It comes with multiple colors which you can choose whichever you want. It can be washed in the washing machine with cold water. Plus, this one makes a perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, etc.

#9. Mexitems Large Mexican Blankets

#9. Mexitems Large Mexican Blankets

Let’s look at another Mexican blanket from Mexitems. Various colors such as royal blue, red, yellow, lilac, orange, teal, blue combo, Burgundy, and more are offered. The blanket has a striped pattern. It can use as a throw blanket, beach blanket, camping blanket, display, table-cover, yoga blanket, etc. White tassels have been used to woven this blanket.

It is a perfect gift to give to your friend and family. Handcrafted, this is a delicate piece. It is thick and durable which can be used for a very long time. Besides, hand washing is recommended.

#8. Xplanet Mexican Blankets

#8. Xplanet Mexican Blankets

The next Mexican blanket that is a must-have on your purchase list is from Xplanet. It is available in six colors such as purple, green, blue, pattern light blue, pattern blue, and pattern green. The blanket has the shape of a rectangle. The material that is used to make this blanket is cotton and tassel.

It handwoves and its edges have been finished hand-sewn. It is suitable to use it to decorate the Mexican bridal shower, Cinco de Mayo celebration, Mexican wedding party, Carnival party, etc.

Besides that, this one can be used as a yoga blanket, throw blanket, seat cover, tapestry, bedspread, Curtin, and more. The tread of this blanket is not easy to get loose as all of its four sides have been sewn. The material can wash  by hand, but not by the washing machine.

#7. Benevolence LA Store Mexican Blanket

#7. Benevolence LA Store Mexican Blankets

Up next, we have another appealing Mexican blanket from the Benevolence LA Store. This piece comes in two colors — sand and violet. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also soft which you will feel very comfortable when wrapping it around yourself.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it as a beach blanket, yoga blanket, picnic blanket, throw blanket, twin bedspread, and camping blanket. This blanket is so stylish and colorful which is suitable to use it to decorate your house.

Made from recycled synthetic material by hands, this one is a much-loved product. It is hypoallergenic, making those who get allergies easily. It is a low-maintenance piece because you can wash it in the washing machine. The blanket is perfect to use it as a gift for birthdays, housewarming, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.

#6. Laguna Beach Textile Company Store

#6. Laguna Beach Textile Company Store

Over here, we have a Mexican blanket from the Laguna Beach Textile Company Store. The materials chosen are woven polyester and cotton. The blanket is large and thick which is suitable to use at the beach, picnic, and camping.

The blanket also has been used as a bundle up, table-cover, chair cover, couch cover, yoga blanket, bed blanket, etc. It is classic and stylish which is perfect to decorate your house. What’s more, it is made to be compact and lightweight. You can wash it with your hands and the washing machine.

#5. Benevolence LA Store – Mexican Blankets

#5. Benevolence LA Store

Another top-rated Mexican blanket is from Visit the Benevolence LA Store as well. This sophisticated piece is one hundred percent handmade. It can use as a yoga blanket, car blanket, outdoor concerts, camping blanket, beach camping, evening strollers, or throw blanket. It also can be used as a twin beds cover. This blanket is eco-friendly as it make from recycled material.

The material can be washed by hand as well as the washing machine. It has a lightweight design; very soft and comfortable to use, too. It is perfect to use as a gift on Christmas, mother’s days, graduations, valentine’s days, anniversaries, or birthdays.

#4. Canyon Creek – Mexican Blanket

#4. Canyon Creek

Subsequently, we have another lovely pick which is from Canyon Creek. A lot of colors have offered. As a multifunctional piece, it is perfect to use as a bed blanket, yoga blanket, throw blanket, camping blanket, beach blanket, table-cover, and more. It makes to be lightweight and thick. You will feel a comfortable, soft touch when you use it as it is very gentle.

The materials that use to make this blanket are cotton and polyester. The blanket can wash in the machine. It comes in a very colorful and stylish look which you can use to decorate your house or bedroom. Plus, it is indeed a lovely present to give to your family and friends.

#3. Eccbox Large Serape Mexican Blankets

#3. Eccbox Large Serape Mexican Blankets

The top third Mexican blanket is from Eccbox. This blanket is durable as it is tightly handwoven. Furthermore, it is made of tassels and cotton. Plus, the edges of this blanket are finished by hand sewn. This blanket is huge, large enough to cover all one bed. When it gets dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine. It can be used for multiple purposes such as a fiesta backdrop, shawls, yoga blanket, tapestry, picnic rug, throw blanket, seat cover, or bedspread.

This blanket is very fashionable with multiple stripes that are perfect to use to decorate your house or bedroom. Not only that, it is perfect to use for the Mexican wedding party, Carnival party, Mexican birthday party, Mexican Bridal shower, and Cinco de Mayo celebration.

#2. Benevolence LA Store Mexican Blankets

#2. Benevolence LA Store Mexican Blankets

The top 2nd Mexican Blanket is from the Benevolence LA Store. This blanket is large enough to cover one big table. This blanket pattern strips. It makes of recycling material which is environmentally friendly and it is made by hand. What’s more, this piece is designed to be soft so that it will provide you comfort when you sleep or sit on it.

Adding to that, it can be used as a bedspread, yoga blanket, shawls, seat cover, wall tapestry, car blanket, camping blanket, evening stroll, beach blanket, etc. And, machine washing is not a problem. Lastly, you can use it as a gift on Mother’s day, Christmas, graduation days, birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries, etc.

#1. El Paso Designs Mexican Blankets

#1. El Paso Designs Mexican Blankets

The most popular Mexican blanket is from El Paso Designs. This blanket is perfect to use as a yoga mat, yoga bolster, yoga blanket, or meditation blanket. In addition being handmade, this one makes from eco-friendly recycled fibers. Various colors are available for you to choose including teal, cool mint, red, beige, and more. The blanket serves as a saddle blanket, throw blanket, beach blanket, picnic blanket, beach blanket, car seat cover, or beach cover as well.

Additionally, the blanket has a home décor as well. It is so huge that it can cover a whole bed. Other noticeable features are the fact that the blanket is well-made, lightweight, and soft. This blanket has a traditional Mexican pattern, featuring a loose stitch design.

Buying Guides Of The Best Mexican Blankets:

Everyone does not want to waste their money on buying a wrong product. To buy the best purchase mexican blanket, here are a few buying tips you should keep in mind.


Good Mexican blankets are usually made from cotton and polyester. Also, make sure the material is durable, and well-stitched for long term use.


Most buyers prefer bigger Mexican blankets, so that they can cover the whole body, bed, table, sofa, chair, and more. You just need to select one in your preferred size.


Some buyers do want to waste their time hand-washing a blanket. Thus, decide if you want a blanket that is machine-washable.


For those who have sensitive skin, you should not carelessly buy a regular blanket. You should find a hypoallergenic blanket.


Provided above is the ultimate list of the top 10 best Mexican blankets of the year. We hope you find the information insightful enough to aid your decision-making. Thank you for spending time with us.

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