Top 10 Best Lice Combs Reviews 2022

Remove all the nits in your head with the best lice combs. It helps detect and destroy the eggs and lice more easily and naturally without using harmful chemicals. Also, operating this device is a breeze to leave your scalp lice-free and nit-free. We have the best lice combs in 2022 as follows.

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List Of 10 Best Lice Combs in 2022 Reviews:

#10 Epilady Lice Electric Zapper Lice Comb

#10 Epilady Lice Electric Zapper Lice Comb

By: Epilady Lice Combs

Epilady comb is the best lice zapper that does not have harmful chemicals, pesticides, or toxins. It is FDA-Cleared to add assurance of safety and reliability. What’s more, the simple design is comfortable to hold when dealing with all the lice in the head. It quickly pinpoints and destroys them by using a mild and safe electrical discharge. Note that the electrical current is barely noticeable on the scalp, thus a painless and stress-free operation.

This product is best for three-year-olds and above, thanks to the ergonomic style. It works well on both short and long hair when removing the nits at home. Plus, it provides more user value thanks to its reusable structure. After use, disinfect and store in a dry location to enhance its durability. Make sure you use this gadget in dry hair free of dampness or wetness to remove the pests quickly.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It lacks harmful chemicals, pesticide, or toxins
  • Comfortable and reliable hold
  • For dry hair

#9 Stainless Steel Head Lice Comb

#9 Stainless Steel Head Lice Comb

By: Besser Products Lice Combs

This comb is among the most effective lice units in the market. It does not use any chemicals or unsafe procedures for the best results. Not only that but also the spiral grooved teeth comes in handy to eliminate lice and eggs at the source. This makes it more reliable and easier to use than most models in the stores. Besides, the edge of the teeth is microscopically-rounded for a comfortable combing action. Now, you can remove these bugs from your kids’ scalp with added confidence.

In addition, the use of stainless steel guarantees no rusting for maximum durability. You can use it on damp hair with lice conditioner or shampoo for best results. Furthermore, an ergonomic grip supports simple, secure, and easy handling. It doesn’t matter the type or length of your hair; combing will be a breeze. What’s more, after use, soak or boil this unit in boiling water for approximately 30 seconds. This helps to disinfect and at the same time, allow multiple reuses.

Reasons To Buy:

  • the spiral grooved teeth help eliminate lice
  • Its microscopically-rounded design improves comfortable combing
  • Easy to use, reusable, and reliable

#8 3 Pcs Dandruff Comb/Fine Tooth Comb

#8 3 Pcs Dandruff Comb/Fine Tooth Comb

By: zYoung

The three pieces of this best lice comb set to support a versatile use. Each provides a safe and comfortable performance to make the action much more comfortable. Besides, the whole kit cost around x dollars for economical and smooth operation. And for aesthetics, the blue and white color tones make it so appealing. You can buy for a friend, mother, sister, brother, or colleague who is struggling with lice problems.

Simply hold the sturdy handle in your hand and comb away the nasty pests. It only takes a few seconds to detect and eliminate them for the best results. Also, you don’t have to add any chemical formulation when clearing the scalp from lice and their eggs. These combs are safe for the whole family, such as the little ones, teens, and adults.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Affordable and lovely design
  • Removes nits and lice eggs

#7 Nix Electronic Lice Comb

#7 Nix Electronic Lice Comb


If you want the best lice comb that detects and destroys nits on contact, stop searching. This electronic unit emits a safe and effective electric charge for the best results. Not only to kill lice but also their eggs quickly. The teeth will not affect your scalp or hair in every application, unlike the harsh designs. Plus, it requires one AAA battery to operate and last longer than the other brands. This item’s LED spotlight is bright enough to let you pinpoint the hard to find sections of the head. It will light up when a nit is detected to quickly destroy it.

Additionally, this unit is pesticide-free and chemical-free for superior safety. You dont require to use the smelly, harsh, and nasty chemicals when dealing with lice. Moreover, the stylish finish with an ergonomic makes the operation a breeze. Remove all the nits on both short and long hair to achieve a clean scalp.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It detects and removes nits on contact
  • Provides a safe and effective electric charge
  • The LED light is bright for quick spotting of the nits

#6 V-Comb Capture Filter Refill – Lice Combs

#6 V-Comb Capture Filter Refill

By: VCOMB Lice Comb

This comb is natural, hygiene, and safe for all your lice-removing tasks. Featuring a disposable filter, it captures all the nits and lice for an eek-free service. Not only that but also you get to enjoy a comfortable and quick disposing of after each use. This item’s head can attach and detach easily to the comb. Just snap-on the lid to trap eggs and lice more effectively. What’s more, the translucent mesh lets you see the nits and head lice captured.

Thanks to a simple design, holding this unit is a breeze. You can work on all hair types such as straight, curly, wavy, and others with improved control. Besides, the 8 capture filters provide secure and quick disposal. Make sure to use one capture sieve at a time for more user value and effortless operation.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Provides a natural and hygienic service
  • Comes with quality capture filters
  • Easy to view the nits through the translucent mesh

#5 Lice Comb LiceMeister Head Lice And Nit Removal Comb

#5 LiceMeister Head Lice And Nit Removal Comb

By: LiceMeister Comb

Another best lice comb we review is the LiceMeister that allows a reusable service. You don’t have to spend more money to buy a replacement after every use for more user value. Simply boil and reuse as many times as you desire. Plus, it has a non-chemical and effective treatment suitable for all ages, including kids. This also prevents the use of harsh and smelly chemicals on the scalps for better protection at home.

Moreover, the use of premium material on the smooth handle with no points gives you a secure hold. It does not have any jagged edges to prevent snagging when combing damp, wet, or dry hair. Note that the handle is permanently sealed for best efficiency. What’s more, you can perform regular screening to get early detection of the nits.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It allows multiple reuses for economic value
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • The handle is smooth to prevent snagging

#4 Double Row Lice Comb

4 Double Row Lice Comb

By: Tree of Life Lice Combs

The Tree of Life brand has a lot of durable items, including this lice comb. Boasting a double row design, it captures and eliminates any lice in your head. Not only that but also it makes combing easy without numerous redos of a specific spot. Now, you can destroy any nits or lice on the scalp without the use of chemicals, pesticides, and harsh products. Moreover, this product is ideal for all types of hairs, such as frizzy, straight, and much more.

Made from stainless steel, the teeth are rust-free and corrosion-free. Also, you can experience and extended use free of rusting, staining, and other damages to the surfaces. The design prevents your scalp from injuries and discomforts in every application. We also like the stylish plastic handle for added aesthetics to the placement area. Its two parallel lows of teeth are dense and extra dense for best service.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Durable and double-row design
  • Eliminates lice and their eggs
  • Rust-free stainless steel teeth

#3 LiceGuard RobiComb Head Lice Comb

#3 LiceGuard RobiComb Head Lice Comb

By: LiceGuard Lice Combs

The LiceGuard is among the best lice combs safe for the entire family. It has a unique microcharge technology that zaps nits in contact. Also, it produces a safe electric pulse which destroys the lice but leaves the scalp pain-free. Even the little ones will not experience any pain making this comb useful for all ages. It does not have any chemicals or allergens to kill lice and lice eggs. Moreover, when using this tool, just run it through dry and clean hair, as it zaps the bugs.

Furthermore, there is no need for dousing your children with toxic, smelly, or messy chemicals. This means this unit is reliable, safe, and easy to use. Besides, the tips of this accessory are coated to offer gentle use, and the ergonomic design fits the hand perfectly. Make sure you use one AA battery to enjoy a smooth operation free of cumbersome electric cords.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Zaps nits on contact
  • Operated by one AA battery

#2 V-Comb – Chemical Free And FDA Registered Allergy Lice Comb

#2 V-Comb - Chemical Free And FDA Registered Allergy Lice Comb

By: VCOMB Lice Combs

The V-Comb is the best lice combs that provide a natural nit treatment for all ages. It does not use any pesticides or chemicals to keep your scalp comfortable and clean. What’s more, it vacuums any head eggs or lice more quickly than the other brands. After capturing these undesirables, they go to the disposable filter for eek-free and secure disposal. Not only that but also the four sieves are provided in the box.

Your whole family can use this unit; from the elderly to the kids. It helps you perform comfortable checkups to detect if there are any lice to remove them immediately. Also, its advanced technology comes with rounded teeth made from superior stainless steel. They have an adjustable combing angle for a painless and reliable operation.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It provides natural nit treatment
  • The disposable filter captures the lice
  • Removes nits and lice

#1 Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

#1 Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb

By: Nit Free Lice Combs

This Nit Free comb is perfect for dealing with all your lice eggs. Not only for the large ones but also the tiniest to leave your scalp egg-free. With a spiral and micro-grooved teeth, they work better than the straight designs. At the same time, you get to use minimal effort when removing the lice. In addition, the handle allows you to tightly-grip this unit in every application. It gives you easy control while protecting the hair and scalp. Plus, the microscopically-rounded ends to prevent pulling, scratching, and pricking.

What’s more, the grip comes with anti-slip bands for more safety in use. We love the stainless steel construction of this item for excellent corrosion-resistant. Besides, you can sterilize this metal for hygienic and safety precautions. Note that the lice-fighting formulas eliminate and prevent nit caused by shampoos, lice combs, conditioners, sprays, and mousse.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Removes lice eggs
  • Comfortable and stable handle
  • Corrosion-resistant material.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Lice Combs

When hunting for the best tool to destroy lice, it requires proper research. You don’t want to buy one that is not as effective as you expected. This is the main reason we have compiled the top features for this item.

Teeth Design

Check the teeth of the best lice comb to get a better idea about its comfort and suitability. Some models have spiral grooved teeth that eliminate lice and eggs at the source. Also, you can check the material used and the most common being stainless steel. It won’t corrode or bend to make combing a comfortable task.


What type of operation does the comb use? You will find manual and electric designs in the market. For the latter, it does not use any batteries while the other one zaps the lice with a safe electrical charge.


Select one of the best lice combs on the above products. They deliver a safe, reliable, and effective service thanks to the superior construction. Also, some models are reusable and by disinfection or boiling with hot water. This saves you money as you enjoy a cost-effective use at home. Besides, the newer designs of the best lice combs are safe for the entire family.

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