Top 10 Best Hot Dog Steamers Reviews in 2022

The delicious and crispy snacks fill the heart with great satisfaction. One of the most widespread crispy fast-food items is hot dogs. Teenagers, adults, and even elderly people like to eat them. The hot dogs taste the best when you eat them while they are piping hot. To heat hot dogs and few other fast-food items on the go, the hot dog steamers are the best appliances to consider. Alternatively, they are known as hot dog cookers. They own the ability to prepare hot dogs fresh with lip-smacking and crispy taste.

These kitchen appliances are available in a broad range of sizes. The size ranges from home use, on a kitchen countertop to very large ones for commercial usage. There are n worries about the deterioration of taste. This is since the sausage and buns will retain the warmth for a long period. Being portable, you can enjoy crispy hot dogs anywhere, anytime. Let’s get familiar with the best hot dog steamers:

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Key feature to consider for best hot dog steamers:

Once you focus on the below features, you can quickly pick the best hot dog steamers:

Build quality:

The type of material used in the construction of a hot dog steamer determines durability. Just like other kitchen appliances, you need to be careful about durability before buying a hot dog steamer. Some of them come in heavy-duty steel construction for utmost durability. Such hot dog steamers may be a bit heavier compared to those made up of aluminum. To benefit from portability, you can choose the ones built from aluminum.

Along with durability, also focus on the safety to healthy. With careful research, you can get a hot dog steamer built from BPA-free, food-safe material.


The need may arise to use a hot dog steamer at various places. The portability also relies on capacity. If you don’t need too much capacity then you can buy the one in a smaller size. The low-capacity hot dog steamers are easier to carry around. Some other features that determine portability are adorable wheels and an umbrella.


A hot dog steamer working at just one temperature is not recommended. If operated for a long period at the same temperature, it may develop overheating problems. Hence, it is better to choose the one with adjustable temperature control. If the steamer has just one temperature, it cannot help you retain the food at different temperature settings.

Another safety feature you can consider is the cool-touch handles. These handles offer ease of removal of the tray.

Ease of cleaning:

With the sliding doors and removable product trays, you can effortlessly access the buns and hot dogs. Those hot dog steamers with removable trays offer ease of cleaning. It is better to choose a hot dog steamer whose components are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

Other features:

The presence of an indicator in the water reservoir warns you when the water runs out. Hence, no need to concern when food gets burnt. With a heat indicator light, you can easily know when the steamer gets hot. Try to pick a hot dog steamer in an appealing design to beautify the decor around.

List of 10 Best Hot Dog Steamers Reviews in 2022: 

10. Nostalgia HDS248COKE Large Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer:

10. Nostalgia HDS248COKE Large Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer

If you are confused about how to steam multiple hot dogs at once then worry not. This diner-style hot dog steamer is a good solution for you. It comes with a spacious interior that can accommodate 12 buns and 24 hot dogs at once. The ability to steam multiple hot dogs at once determines its efficiency. Usually, people use it for steaming hot dogs, vegetables, fishes, breakfast sausages, etc. The included bun warming tray can hold a maximum of 12 buns at once. All these buns stay warm and ready to eat.

To streamline the cooking process, it comes with a cooking dial. You can use it to set any of the 3 modes i.e. warm, high, and off. Choose any of the modes to make your cooking easy. You just need to put water, place the cover and turn it on. Within 20 minutes, you will get your hot dogs piping hot. One of its extraordinary features is the water level window. This window makes sure the correct amount of water is poured inside. If you want, you can steam meats with your favorite beverage. When you want to clean the unit, you can gently disassemble its parts.


  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Accurately shows water level
  • Steams hot dogs in less time

Why We Liked It?

We like the cool-touch handles allowing safe handling.

9. Paragon 8020 Hot Dog Hut Steamer:

9. Paragon 8020 Hot Dog Hut Steamer

Both for personal and commercial use, this Paragon hot dog steamer is useful. To resist the rigors of outdoor conditions, it comes with excellent durability. The heavy-duty 20 gauge stainless steel makes it durable. At once, you can pack 42 buns and 200 hot dogs. With the modular trays, you can make some customization as per the needs. Whenever water level drops low, the low-water indicator feature warns you. So, you can instantly know when to refill it with water.

For hassle-free access to buns and hot dogs, it comes with removable trays and sliding doors. You can conveniently open and close the doors and trays. All the parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. To make sure your fingers don’t get burnt, it comes with a water release valve. This valve also eliminates spillage of water.


  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Automatic shut-off saves power
  • Comes with a large capacity

Why We Liked It?

It is quite easy to use whether indoors or outdoors.

8. Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer:

8. Nordic Ware Hot Dog Steamer

Within a few minutes, this Nordic steamer can steam brats and hot dogs. All hot dog steamers cannot prepare juicy hot dogs. However, this appliance allows you to add beer, water, broth, or cider. As a result, it is straightforward to prepare luscious hot dogs with great taste. The interior structure highlights tiny spikes in every channel. These spikes pierce inside the hot dog. If you prefer, you can slice and then pierce the hotdogs.

At a time, it can hold four hot dogs or brats or sausages of size 6-8 inches. Glancing at its construction, it is built from plastic that is free from BPA and melamine. To enhance the taste, you can add a teaspoon of water inside each channel. Subsequently, place the hot dogs in the microwave for a minute.


  • Free from harmful elements
  • Perfectly retains heat and moisture
  • Quick and easy to clean

Why We Liked It?

We admire its large capacity and speed of steaming.

7. Maverick HC-01 Hero Electric Hot-Dog Steamer:

7. Maverick HC-01 Hero Electric Hot-Dog Steamer

Many people are searching for a product that can quickly steam multiple hot dogs. For them, this electric steamer is a recommended product. It can cook a maximum of 6 hot dogs in 9 minutes. All the steamed hot dogs will taste fresh and delicious. The design resembles the real dog. The dog barks whenever the hot dogs are prepared. The built-in voice chip creates a barking sound. To save power, the cooker comes with an automatic shut-off feature.

The tail is cool to touch. It lets you safely lift the lid; no burns to your hands. The included measuring cup and a food tray are dishwasher-safe. Use the food tray to easily access the hot dogs.


  • Fast-speed steaming
  • Adorable dog design
  • No burns to hands

Why We Liked It?

Its well-made and attractive design enhances the decor of the kitchen.

6. Hot Doglicious Microwave Hot Dog Cooker:

6. Hot Doglicious Microwave Hot Dog Cooker

Obtain the piping hot and delicious hot dogs in the least possible time with this hot dog cooker. Apart from hot dogs, it can also steam chicken, beefs, and veggie franks. The inclusion of BPA-free, food-safe material does not compromise the safety of your health. Just place the hot dogs inside the cooking chamber, cover the lid and turn on the microwave. For ease of cleaning, its top rack is dishwasher safe.

Its cooking chamber showcases ribs that pierce down the casing of the hot dogs. This kind of structure grills and sears the hot dogs from interior and exterior. To adequately warm the bun, the vent allows steam to escape.


  • Can make vendor-style hot dogs
  • Built from food-safe materials
  • Cooks buns and hot dogs in a minute

Why We Liked It?

Within a minute, it can cook multiple hot dogs with perfect taste.

5. Paragon International Classic Hot Dog Hut Steamer:

5. Paragon International Classic Hot Dog Hut Steamer

Not all hot dog steamers boast extremely durable construction. This appliance from Paragon is built from 20 gauge stainless steel for long-term use. Its capacity can accommodate up to 30 buns and 96 hot dogs. Intending to offer easy access to food inside, it comes with an aluminum door. This door also facilitates hassle-free cleanup.

Most parts of this appliance are dishwasher-safe for convenient cleaning. From the heat indicator, you can easily know when the steamer needs heating. The built-in water reservoir has an 8 quarts capacity.


  • The water reservoir has large capacity
  • Warns when water refill needed
  • Heavy-duty steel construction

Why We Liked It?

We like various advanced controls it comes with for safe operation.

4. Nostalgia HDR8RY Hot Dog Warmer:

4. Nostalgia HDR8RY Hot Dog Warmer

Do your kitchen or dining space has limited space to accommodate an appliance? Well, you can set up this Nostalgia hot dog warmer. Its compact footprint and portability make it ideal for small spaces. You can use it to steam foods like egg rolls, brats, breakfast sausages, etc. At once, you can put 8 regular-sized or 4 long hot dogs. The stainless steel rollers swivel 360° for consistent cooking. Both the drip tray and rollers are removable.


  • Heat setting is adjustable
  • Uniform cooking mechanism
  • Best for small spaces

Why We Liked It?

For hours, it can keep the buns warm and fresh.

3. Portable Commercial Hot Dog Cooker:

3. Portable Commercial Hot Dog Cooker

At places like a home kitchen, restaurants, food trucks, churches, schools, and more, this appliance is the best. It comes with a huge capacity and excellent heating efficiency. Just add water inside and slide in the pans to steam your hot dogs. Consequently, the food inside will stay hot and luscious for a long period.


  • Keeps burn moist and warm
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Can accommodate in small space

Why We Liked It?

All the buns steam perfectly and retain heat for a long.

2. Benchmark 60072 Mini Cart Hotdog Steamer:

2. Benchmark 60072 Mini Cart Hotdog Steamer

To lift the decor of the kitchen, this Benchmark hotdog steamer works the best. Its design boasts appealing graphics with a mirror finish. The adorable wheels and umbrella further enhance the design. The stainless steel construction suggests reliable long-lasting use. Simultaneously, it can hold 30 buns and 60 hotdogs. Within 20 to 30 minutes, hot dogs will become ready.

For efficient cooking results, use the adaptable thermostat. The entire structure of the steamer is collapsible for cleaning. The depth, width, and height are respectively 13 inches, 21 inches, and 15 inches. For everyday cooking at homes, movie nights, picnic, parties, etc., this appliance suits well.


  • Appealing graphics and design
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Retains warmth for hours

Why We Liked It?

We admire its long holding time to keep the hot dogs piping hot.

1. CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer:

1. CuiZen ST-1412 Hotdog Steamer

Enjoy the luscious, fresh, and delicious hot dogs with CuiZen ST-1412. It can simultaneously steam up to 12 hotdogs within 12 minutes. The built-in warmer can accommodate up to 12 buns. The retro design flaunts an elegant look. The reservoir capacity is 7 cups. Take the help of a built-in cooking timer to ensure everything cooks perfectly.


  • The reservoir has a large capacity
  • Quick and efficient cooking
  • The cooking timer offers perfection

Why We Liked It?

With less water, it can steam luscious and warm hot dogs.

Concluding Note:

Without compromising the juicy flavor, these hot dog steamers steam the foods perfectly. You will admire the crispy and tasty flavor with retention of warmth. Most of them are portable and versatile.

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