Top 10 Best Corner Sofas Reviews in 2022

Relaxing in the corner of a room or veranda gives a satisfying feel. To spend your relaxing moments at the best, the corner sofas are the best furniture pieces. Usually, they come in L-shape and don’t spare unnecessary space. They can fit well even in small rooms or apartments. To relish the leisure time with friends or family, such sofas are great choices. If you want to indulge in a movie night or quietly read a book, consider investing in a corner sofa.

To maximize your room space, the corner sofas are the most effective approaches. The fabric choice gives an idea of comfort and longevity. Most of these sofas come with padding to provide exceptional comfort. Plenty of the recent models of corner sofas boast contemporary and lavish designs. Take time and go through the description of the best corner sofas:

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Key feature to consider for corner sofas:

End up with the best purchase for corner sofas with the below features:


The fabric used in the corner sofa prominently influences comfort. It can also influence the decor of the room. The prevalent fabric choices for these sofas are soft wools, pure linen, velvet, warm leather, etc. Make sure the corner sofa you choose is crafted from durable fabric. It must not wear & tear easily, in a few years. Many corner sofas are covered in plush polyester and linen fabric. With the high-quality upholstery, the sofa feels soft to the touch.


A corner sofa can offer a multitude of functionalities. If you want to explore them, you need to carefully choose the versatile one. For example, some corner sofas can work as sofa beds whereas some can work as corner chairs. You may find a few corner sofas that support both the above functionalities.

Along with this, look at the ease of inflation and deflation. This is because to benefit from the versatility at different places, it is vital to consider this aspect. Upon deflation, some corner sofas can be folded compactly for safe storage and travel.

Cushioning effect:

Only considering the quality fabric construction will not suffice. To obtain exceptional comfort, look at the cushioning effect it provides. Certain corner sofas have foam-padded cushions. Such cushions are overstuffed with down feathers. On the other hand, some corner sofas have seat cushions filled with dense foam. Don’t forget to glance at the cushioning it comes with. In this way, you attain utmost relaxation and comfort.

List of 10 Best Corner Sofas Reviews in 2022:

10. 84-inch Modular Recliner Corner Sofas Bed:

10. 84-inch Modular Recliner Sofa Bed

The other names for this sofa bed are foam factor recliner and sleeper. Now you can dive into exceptional comfort without worrying about your problems in life. It is filled with dense foam to enhance comfort. Apart from the plush fabric used throughout the structure of the sofa, the foam filling elevates the comfort. The upholstery is made up of polyester.

For exceptional stability, the functional element is a solid wooden frame. On most surfaces, it keeps the sofa bed stable. With the available footrest, you can lounge with supreme comfort. This component especially helps you when you want to enjoy a movie night or work on a laptop or just lie comfortably. Within a few seconds, you can setup this sofa bed in a home office, apartment, or any other place. Also, you can set it up on a patio or backyard. The foam cushioned seat is accompanied by S-shaped spring support.


  • Filled with dense foam
  • Sets up in a few seconds
  • Can work as a pull-out sleeper bed

Why We Liked It?

The contemporary style looks great with most decors of rooms.

9. Modway Commix Upholstered Sectional Sofa:

9. Modway Commix Upholstered Sectional Sofa

This Commix sofa is built to last with the use of premium quality polyester fabric. The solid wooden frame offers adequate support to maintain stability. The alternative name of this gray sofa is a corner chair. Its spacious design lets multiple persons sit at once. According to your needs, you can use it in a wide range of configurations.

Another key feature to note is it is prepared with high-quality fabric upholstery. This upholstery is composed of linen and polyester fabric. It presents soft-to-touch feelings. The design shows a clean line that represents a touch of sophistication. The stuffed cushions make it ideal for a family room, living room, office, game room, etc. Whether you want to entertain with friends, lounge, or watch a movie, this sectional sofa is the best buy.


  • Sleek and luxurious look
  • The solid wooden frame offers stability
  • Upholstery is soft to touch

Why We Liked It?

The padded cushions packed with down feathers as well as cotton provide a lavish feel.

8. The Heavy Duty Cotton Karlstad Corner Sofa Cover:

8. The Heavy Duty Cotton Karlstad Corner Sofa Cover

Are you worried about how to protect your corner sofa from external elements? If yes then you can equip your sofa with this corner sofa cover. As implied by the name, it comes in heavy-duty construction. It is specially made from dense cotton to provide longevity. The gray color not just flaunts a lavish look but also complements well with the decor of the sofa.

This sofa cover is found compatible with the Ikea Karlstad corner slipcover or sectional cover. In most cases, this cover defends the sofa from spillage and tear. You need not worry when your baby or pet sits on the sofa for eating. In certain areas of a sofa, you will find that the cover is oversized. However, it is better than being extremely small.


  • Full protection to sofas
  • Fits well on various types of sofas
  • Made up from quality cotton

Why We Liked It?

We are pleased with the perfect fit on most types of corner sofas.

7. Cat Scratcher Couch Protector, Corner Sofas:

7. Cat Scratcher Couch Protector

Not just sofas but this couch protector can protect various kinds of furniture. For example, you can place it on a table, chair, desk, etc. Typically, it is suitable for most kinds of sofas or with handles. It can also work well on recliners. If you want, you can lay it flat on the bed to fully defend your furniture. The dark grey color matches well with dark furniture. Occasionally, the situation arises when the sharp paws of a cat damage your expensive sofa and other furniture pieces. To avoid such concerns, you can use this protector. Therefore, it is also known as a corner cat scratcher.

There is the use of dense fabric and superior quality sisal. The sisal is a natural woven material that is safe, environmentally friendly, and scratch-resistant. Moreover, the fixing straps and Velcro are available. They fasten the handle and the base of the sofa.


  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Works on different types of furniture
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Why We Liked It?

After years of use, this protector retains the finish of your furniture.

6. Intex Inflatable Furniture Series, Corner Sofas:

6. Intex Inflatable Furniture Series

Inflatable products are trendy these days. This Intex product is of this kind. It is essentially an inflatable corner sofa. With the ease of inflation and deflation, you will realize its great portability. When not in use, just deflate it, and fold it into a compact size for storage. In this way, it lets you save the space around and carry it with you wherever you go. With the help of a 2-in-1 valve, the sofa supports quick inflation and deflation.

To provide a comfy seating surface, its top and bottom are uniquely designed. The top surface is waterproof-flocked whereas the bottom is made up of vinyl. The maximum weight capacity is 880 pounds. The fabric is strong enough to withstand wear & tear. It retains its strength even tough kids jump on it multiple times.


  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Large weight capacity
  • Convenient to store and travel

Why We Liked It?

The cushioned seating arrangement gives supreme comfort.

5. CHUN YI Sectional Corner Sofas Slipcover:

5. CHUN YI Sectional Sofa Slipcover

Along with a high-quality sofa, you will also need a quality cover for its protection. This sofa slipcover ensures comprehensive protection to your sectional sofa. It is prepared from quality microfiber fabric. It is a brushed fabric that is so durable. The reversible design gives a unique and appealing look to the sofa.

To avoid sliding issues, the slipcover has elastic straps. Their length is adjustable to fit perfectly. Vary the length of the straps such that the cover stays fully on the sofa. The setup process is quite easy. Just place this chaise cover on the sofa. Now fill the excess fabric inside the gap. Finally, vary the length of the elastic band. Within a few minutes, your sofa appears new.


  • Perfect fit for chaise sofa
  • Quality microfiber enhances comfort
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Why We Liked It?

We like the ease of varying the size for a proper fit.

4. HALOWAY 82-inch Reversible Sectional Sofa:

4. HALOWAY 82-inch Reversible Sectional Sofa

When you just pull it out, this 82-inch sectional sofa can transform into a sleeper sofa. It is a modular sofa in L-shape that saves space around. There are 3 seats available and all of them have padding. The seat cushion comes with dense foam as well as spring support in an S shape. So, it maintains the proper sitting posture. No complaints of back pain.

The maximum weight-bearing capacity is 250 lbs. 3 backrests are available to let you lounge in a comfortable position.


  • Comes with some storage space
  • The seat comes with padding
  • The metal frame offers stability

Why We Liked It?

The finish does not fade and the fabric is wrinkle-resistant.

3. CHUN YI Sectional Corner Sofas Slipcover:

3. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

When there are kids or pets around, obviously, your sofa will get messy. This slipcover comes in a reversible design and is water-resistant. Even when anyone spills or tries to make your sofa extremely messy, you need not worry.

The elastic straps are adjustable to avoid sliding. Once fitted well, it stays in place. Simply place this slipcover on the sectional sofa and overfill the excess fabric inside the gap. Finally, vary the elastic band to fit perfectly. The straps are non-slip and washable.


  • Elastic straps prevent sliding
  • Fits well on a chaise sofa
  • Various color choices available

Why We Liked It?

We like the use of superior quality brushed fabric for durability.

2. Rich Velvet Stretch L-Shaped Sofa Covers, 2 Pieces:

2. Rich Velvet Stretch L-Shaped Sofa Covers, 2 Pieces

Protect your expensive L-shaped sofa with these sofa covers. They avoid stains and any other types of the mess you can imagine. There is the use of soft velvety fabric that presents a luxurious touch to any decor. It is durable and stretchy. Moreover, it is thick and extra-soft.

The dense elastic straps encompass the bottom edges. These loops are non-slip and assist with hassle-free installation. With most L-shaped sofa covers, there are no issues regarding the fit.


  • Crafted from quality soft fabric
  • Avoids spills and stains on the sofa
  • Easy to install with straps

Why We Liked It?

The covers fully protect the sofas from most external elements.

1. Modway Empress Corner Corner Sofas In Laguna:

1. Modway Empress Corner Sofa In Laguna

When it comes to comfort, design, and durability, this Modway Empress sofa excels. The iconic look and the spacious depth show the mid-century stylish design. The tailored lines signify a retro look. It is upholstered in superior quality polyester that encourages any decor with a memorable design.

To suit lounge spaces of every type, there is a tufted button seat. This seat gives you utmost relaxation whether you want to eat or watch a movie night. For stability, durable wooden legs are included. These legs come with non-marking caps. When moved, they don’t leave scratches on the floor.


  • Comes with soft and durable upholstery
  • Elegant and contemporary design
  • Wood legs keep it stable

Why We Liked It?

It is famous for its fine upholstery and lavish design.

Concluding Note:

To relish your relaxation time at the best, you can consider any of these corner sofas. They are crafted from quality fabric and brighten up any decor with their chic designs.

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