Top 10 Best Combat Boots for Men Reviews Of 2022

Your footwear is something that someone unknowingly notices. It is nice to invest in quality shoes or boots that can accompany you for various occasions. Traditionally designed for the battlefield, the combat boots have made their way in the street style. These boots are so much trendy that they have evolved into regular use as well as for special occasions. When you plan to spend the day for outdoor activities, carrying combat boots along with is always the wise idea.

These boots are functional, durable, and showcase a timeless style. Pair any outfit with these boots and your look will be refined a lot. Whether it is intense heat or frosty weather outside, wearing combat boots will protect your feet at the best. Now you will have no more complaints about sore or blistered feet. For standing, running, marching, hiking, camping, etc. you can put on these boots. With dozens of choices available, the below article helps you to get the best combat boots:

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Feature to key consider for combat boots:

To enjoy the experience of wearing combat boots, consider these features:


Originally, the combat boots are prepared for the military. With evolution, fancy combat boots are designed. Basically, there are 2 types of combat boots i.e. professional and designer. The first type represents the traditional style and they are characterized by their sturdy build quality. Such footwear has all the qualities you can expect for rugged outdoor use. They are uniquely designed to certain specifications to make sure the user can wear them for any outdoor environment.

The second type is designer combat boots. They come in alluring design and beautifully pair well with various kinds of attires. These days, you will usually see teenagers and adults wearing designed combat boots. It is easy to pair them with jeans, shorts, trousers, etc. They are quite comfortable once you choose the proper fit.


A too loose or too tight grip will put you into extreme discomfort. Emphasize the grip the combat boot comes with. The grip must be firm as well as flexible enough to allow some movements of toes inside. A pair of combat boots with a decent grip will be so much functional.

Compatibility with the weather:

The terrains and weather conditions may be unexpected when you step for outdoor activity. Choose the one that can work well in most weather conditions. Ideally, it is best to go for weatherproof combat boots capable to work in all weather and on all terrains.

Firstly, make sure the material utilized is UV resistant. Next, look for water-resistant or waterproof materials. These qualities keep your feet protected through rain and water.

List of 10 Best Combat Boots for Men Review in 2022:

10. Combat Boots for Men – FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots:

10. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Tactical Boots

Are you in search of lightweight and comfortable combat boots? Well, FREE SOLDIER designs this pair of tactical boots to fulfill these aspects. They are excellently durable due to the use of suede leather. Along with leather, Cordura fabric is used to resist scratches. People usually wear them for military, outdoor activities, and commercial work. In the toe cap, there is a suede leather molded inside. So, it will resist collision and shocks. Typically, these boots are compatible with all terrains. This is since the outsole is durable and comes with a great grip. Furthermore, an EVA midsole is present to make the boots flexible and lightweight.

When the summer kicks in, don’t forget to wear these boots. They are super breathable and keep your feet dry. There will be enough ventilation inside and effective drainage of moisture. With various size options available, the buying decision gets simplified. To obtain maximum comfort and long-term use, these military combat boots are a must-have.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Feels breathable in summer
  • Non-slip and wear-resistant

Why We Liked Combat Boots for Men?

Though after wearing for hours, there are no complaints about fatigue.

9. Combat Boots for Men Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot Rub Unisex Off:

9. Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot Rub Unisex Off

When planning to enhance the overall appearance of the clothes you are wearing, put on these unisex combat boots. They come in black Felix Rub color that usually features a stylish look. There is the use of synthetic sole to provide enough traction. The shaft measures approx. ankle from arch. On the surface, there is a Goodyear welt stitching.

Being slip resistance, there are no chances of falling off. Even when walking on a slippery surface, there are no worries about instability. The upper is made up of two-tone synthetic leather. The entire surface comes with waterproofing to hold up well during moist and rainy conditions.


  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Careful stitching throughout

Why We Liked Combat Boots for Men?

We like their fashionable look complementing well with various outfits.

8. Dr. Martens Combs Men’s Boot Combat Boots:

8. Dr. Martens Combs Men's Boot Combat Boot

Featuring industrial style, these men’s combat boots work well in most outdoor conditions. The first look lays a strong impression on the minds of onlookers. This is because the boots are well-made and flaunt a lavish look. When you think about durability, worry not. There is the use of quality nylon and synthetic leather to stand up well against outdoor conditions. The sole and upper are stitched together in the heat-sealed stitch. Moreover, the yellow thread is utilized to fasten the welt to the upper part. As a result, it presents an eye-catching look overall. The surface of the boots is resistant to abrasion, slip, and oil.

The shaft approx. measures 7 inches from the arch. The heel approx. measures 1.5 inches. The size of the platform is around 0.75 inches. In the synthetic sole, air cushioning is available. Some prominent aspects are heel loop, the groove in the sides, and Goodyear welted stitch. Despite the heavy-duty construction, it feels lightweight enough to walk on different terrains.


  • Resistant to abrasion and slip
  • Beautiful classic look
  • Feels soft inside

Why We Liked Combat Boots for Men?

The blend of comfort, flexibility, and stylish look makes you confident anywhere.

7. Steve Madden Men’s Troopah-c Combat Boots:

7. Steve Madden Men's Troopah-c Combat Boot

Use leather is commonly found in quality military boots. The same is seen in these Troopah-c boots. They come in 2 color choices i.e. black leather and brown leather. The synthetic sole offers enough traction. Distance of shaft is approx. 8 inches from the arch. The height of the heel is 1 inch. Anyone will find it convenient wearing them through a side zip and lace-up closure.

When it comes to comfort, lightweight, flexibility, and stylish look, these boots excel. They are well-made and flaunt a stylish look irrespective of the occasion. Unlike the cheap quality boots that feel stiff or heavy, these ones feel super comfortable. It feels easy to sneak around like a ninja without clumping everywhere.


  • High-quality leather used
  • Toes stay comfortable inside
  • Pairs with various outfits

Why We Liked It?

We like the beautiful lace-up design making them look lavish.

6. Garmont Men’s T8 Bifida Tactical Military:

6. Garmont Men's T8 Bifida Tactical Military

The coyote color of these tactical boots complements the basic idea of the military. They convey the traditional military design with a touch of sophistication. When priorities are outstanding quality and comfort, it is better to invest in these boots. The design also highlights metallic eyelets and nylon webbing. The breathable footbed and the EVA insole offers excellent confront. Presence or rubber outsole and treads offer a comfortable grip. They also contribute towards the slip resistance feature.

When there is a huge emphasis on speed for some specific outdoor application, these boots are the best fit. It is a lightweight structure that delivers high performance and speed. Even for hours of wearing session or prolonged walking, the boots will not compromise in performance. The upper construction is durable to offer breathability. Furthermore, the quick-dry materials make the boots durable enough for wet climates.


  • Grips the ground well
  • Great foot stability
  • Excellent flexibility and comfort

Why We Liked It?

The performance is smooth in all environments.

5. Dr. Martens Men’s 1460 Butterscotch Combat Boot:

5. Dr. Martens Men's 1460 Butterscotch Combat Boot

The importance of stitching is as high as that of the upper and sole. These Dr. Martens boots come with well-crafted leather stitching with fine attention to detail. The original leather throughout the main body conveys durability. The synthetic sole provides sufficient traction and slip resistance. The shaft is located approx. ankle-high from the arch whereas the platform size is 0.5 inch. To assure high durability, the sole and upper are heat-sealed. In the outsole, an air cushion is present. The same repels abrasion and slip.

Design showcases a grooved sole pattern to enhance your look. A yellow thread is utilized for connecting the welt to the upper. It not only conveys exquisite craftsmanship but also makes the design appealing.


  • Well-made stitching
  • Comes with a durable sole
  • Works in all outdoor conditions

Why We Liked It?

The stitching and overall construction seems great for the price.

4. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Washed Canvas Combat Boots:

4. Dr. Martens Men's Combs Washed Canvas Combat Boot

When the warm weather knocks in, the feet may feel uncomfortable in normal boots. However, these canvas combat boots provide enough breathability. The lightweight feel and cushioning effect keep you comfortable in most outdoor conditions. There is the use of nylon and faux leather in the construction. The measurement of the shaft is approx. 6.5 inches from the arch. The heel has the size of 1.25 inches whereas the platform’s size is 0.5 inch.

Some extra features include grooved edges, heel-loop, and clear stitching. The AirWair sole is resistant to abrasion and slip. Also, this sole keeps you stable when the terrain is oily. The available color choices are black extra tough nylon/rubbery and graphite grey.


  • Good breathability
  • Cushion soles feel comfortable
  • Stylish and lavish design

Why We Liked It?

The build quality is great yet feet feel lightweight.

3. Rothco Military Jungle Combat Boots:

3. Rothco Military Jungle Boots

The activities like competitive paintball games, combat training, etc. demand great flexibility on the feet. The military jungle boots mentioned above offers outstanding tread and comfort. The same is applicable regardless of the terrain. The upper part is prepared from nylon to offer breathability. So, you will benefit from a broad range of motion when traveling on rough surfaces. The overall height is 8 inches, so it offers enough ankle support. The lacing system offers a tight fit.

Considering the reduction of strain on the calf and heel, the boots have a steel shank. Hence, the feet can withstand hours of the standing session. The dual vent holes boost breathability and retain dryness inside.


  • No strains on the heel
  • Good breathability
  • Great traction while walking

Why We Liked It?

We are so much pleased with lasting comfort on most terrains.

2. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Boots:

2. Bruno Marc Men's Military Boots

Very few boots come with an extra zipper on the surface and these are one of them. They are traditionally intended for military and motorcycle riding. The rubber sole offers sufficient traction. Measurement of the heel is approx. 1 inch and the platform’s size is 0.5 inch. The internal zipper is functional whereas the outside one is just for aesthetic appeal. A major part of the boots is waterproof.


  • Zippers give a stylish look
  • Great quality for the price
  • Stretchy and comfortable

Why We Liked It?

They are true to size, flexible, and stylish.

1. Oakley Men’s Light Assault 2 Boots:

1. Oakley Men's Light Assault 2 Boots

When standing or moving on different terrains, mobility must be uncompromised. These Oakley men’s boots fulfill this need without any depreciation in performance. The synthetic upper conveys enough breathability to keep your feet comfortable. The nylon laces are intentionally rugged to resist wear & tear. It seems convenient to tie and open the laces. Available color options are Coyote, Desert, Blackout, and Sage.


  • Offers excellent mobility
  • Laces stay in place
  • Resists shock and wear & tear

Why We Liked Combat Boots for Men?

We like the perfect fit for any adventure.

Concluding Note:

The combat boots are essential gear to keep you comfortable, rugged, and prepared for action. They simultaneously enhance the aesthetic appeal for different occasions.

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