Top 10 Best Camping Utensils in 2022 Reviews

Without proper camping gear, a camping experience seems troublesome. The choice of appropriate camping accessories can make any camping trip more enjoyable. The pleasure of eating with your dear ones at a campsite cannot be ignored. With suitable camping utensils, you can relish the unforgettable eating experience with your friends and families. Instead of separately carrying forks, spoons, etc., the camping utensils are now made available in a set.

These utensils are exceptionally designed considering the rugged use outdoors. Depending on the number of campers, you can pick the most pertinent camping utensil set. They are multifunctional, so they can be used in the home kitchen once you finished the camping trip. Most of them are easy to clean and reuse to save you time. Notwithstanding the lightweight design, they boast enough durability. All of them are trouble-free to store and transport. Now let’s get familiar with some of the best camping utensils:

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Dixie 10 Inch Paper Plates, Dinner Size Printed Disposable Plate, 204 Count (3 Packs of 68 Plates)
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Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Dish Soap, Biodegradable Formula, Lemon Verbena, 16 fl. oz - Pack of 3
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Command Large Utility Hooks, 7-Hooks, 12-Strips, Organize Damage-Free
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KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener / Bottle Opener, 8.34-Inch, Black
HAND WASH ONLY: Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately.
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OXO Good Grips Dish Brush, White/Black
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Feature to key consider for best camping utensils:

If you are confused about what camping utensils to choose, consider the following features:

Number and type of utensils:

Out of all the considerations, the most vital one is what is included in the set. A camping set may be so much functional but it is useless if it does not suit your needs. Firstly, analyze the number of campers and the type of utensils you intend to use. The choice prominently varies based on whether you want to use the set for lunch or dinner or simply for snacks.

A fully functional camping utensil set contains various utensils ranging from a serving spoon to a cutting board. Also, you may find the inclusion of a carrying bag for safe storage and transportation. Make proper decisions on the number of persons going to use it and the type of utensils needed.

Material used:

Generally, the camping utensils are devised from plastic or aluminum or titanium or stainless steel. To benefit from a lightweight design, select the one made up of titanium. Despite being lightweight, they are sturdy enough for outdoor use. The camping utensils made up of plastic are affordably priced. However, they are not eco-friendly.

The camping utensils made up of anodized aluminum offer uniform heat distribution. Of all materials used in camping cookware, stainless steel boasts the highest durability. However, the heat distribution is not that efficient as found in anodized aluminum made utensils.

Ease of cleaning:

While you are on a camping site, most of your time dedicates to travel. So, there will never be enough time for cleaning the camping utensils. Insist to buy a set that assures ease of cleaning and reuse. Avoid buying plastic utensils as they are not easy to clean. The Tritan utensils are lightweight and easy to clean. They can be easily cleaned using a soap and warm water.

List of 10 Best Camping Utensils Review in 2022:

10. Tapirus Spork to Go V8 Set:

10. Tapirus Spork to Go V8 Set

For any outdoor activity you like to indulge in, you will feel hungry. Don’t forget to carry this Tapirus Spork utensil set for your outdoor excursion. Unlike the poorly made sporks that can bend easily, the sporks in this set are durable enough. This is because all the included utensils are devised from superior quality Tritan. This material is BPA-free and does not contain any other harmful chemicals. All the included sporks, knives, and forks will retain their shape even after repeated use.

The set is famously known as 3-in-1 spork flatware with great portability. An individual of any age can comfortably use it and carry it along. The structure of each of the colored sporks shows a spoon side. This site is helpful to eat soups, jellos, and other such recipes. Moreover, with the help of a sharp serrated edge, the sporks can work as knives. Hence, they are useful to peel and cut different fruits. For user expediency, the set is made dishwasher safe. So, you need not waste must time cleaning. What’s more, the available carrying case further benefits you with the lightweight design.


  • Carrying case makes it portable
  • Easy to use even for kids
  • BPA-free construction

Why We Liked Camping Utensils?

The available utensils are useful for serving and eating various recipes.

9. UCO Utility Spork 3-in-1 Combo Spoon-Fork-Knife Camping Utensil:

9. UCO Utility Spork 3-in-1 Combo Spoon-Fork-Knife Camping Utensil

There are 4 packs of versatile sporks in this set of utensils. A careful look at the structure of each spork shows a spoon on one end and a fork equipped with a sharp knife edge on another. The entire utensil set is ultra-lightweight and portable. The ergonomic design streamlines the eating process uniquely. This design lets you eat comfortably while focusing on the beauty of nature. There is the use of food-grade nylon in each utensil. It offers enough durability as well as makes the set eco-friendly. This material is found to be temperature-resistant.

Chemicals like phthalate and BPA are absent. To save you time and effort, the manufacturer made it dishwasher-safe. One unique design aspect to note is it comes in an elegant stackable design. When not in use, nest all the utensils to save the space around. A flexible tether is included to let you safely hang this set.


  • Easy to clean and reusable
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • The sporks beautifully nest together

Why We Liked It?

We like the stackable design and comfortable handle.

8. Enwinner 2 Set Picnic Flatware Set:

8. Enwinner 2 Set Picnic Flatware Set

For use at home, travel destinations, picnic, and other outdoor places, this set is a decent choice. It is also ideal for picnics, brunch, hiking, boating, and other such applications. There are 2 identical sets with each of them possessing 3-in-1 functionality. You can use every utensil in form of a spoon or fork or knife. Depending on the type of food ingredient, explore any of these functionalities. To guarantee durability, the manufacturer devises each piece in stainless steel. Apart from being durable, the entire set is reusable and dishwasher-safe.

The moderate weight implies that it feels comfortable to handle. Each piece feels comfortable in its hands. Owing to the excellent sharpness of the knife, the utensils can cut hard food ingredients. The vivid colors offer great visibility in dark.


  • Comes with a sharp knife
  • Can cut hard food items
  • Eco-friendly and safe

Why We Liked It?

The set is versatile enough for soft and hard food items.

7. OUTXE Titanium 2 in 1 Fork and Spoon Combo:

7. OUTXE Titanium 2 in 1 Fork and Spoon Combo

Stay away from hassles on serving and eating while outdoors. When you have packed sumptuous food with you, don’t forget to pack this fork and spoon combo. It is exclusively prepared in lightweight Titanium construction. Compared to stainless steel cookware, this one is almost half the weight. In any rugged outdoor environment, this material stays strong and reliable. The spoon and fork combo can work as an all-in-one piece. Another extraordinary feature to note is the combo is eco-friendly and free from harmful constituents.

Both the fork and spoon come in a decent size. No worries about mishandling and slipping off. Even when bent, they will retain their shape. Some extra features include smooth edge grinding and TSA approved. The included carry bag is equipped with an airhole design. So, it leads to quick drying of utensils.


  • Durable yet ultra-lightweight
  • Bowl comes with enough capacity
  • Made up of superior quality titanium

Why We Liked Camping Utensils?

We admire its durability and multipurpose functionality.

6. Orblue 2-Pack 4-in-1 Camping Utensils:

6. Orblue 2-Pack 4-in-1 Camping Utensils

Make dining experience comfortable in wild with this versatile set. It is basically camping flatware suitable for cutting, scooping, and stabbing your meals. The compact design indicates that it fits well in a small space or a pocket. The use of quality stainless steel eliminates the hassles of break and crack. No more frets about scratches and damage due to wear & tear. The polished finish guarantees that the utensils will not corrode or stick. Generally, most people use this versatile utensil set for camping, hiking, fishing, and backpacking.

The solid handle offers soft-touch feelings. Even when packed in a small carrying bag, it does not occupy excess space. Since it is dishwasher safe, you can save time from cleaning.


  • The solid handle feels comfortable
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to carry
  • Fits well in a pocket

Why We Liked It?

It is affordably priced and supports 4 diverse functionalities.

5. Outdoor Utensil Kitchen Set-9 Piece Cookware Kit:

5. Outdoor Utensil Kitchen Set-9 Piece Cookware Kit

When intending to carry camping utensils outdoors, you need to think about safety. This cookware kit comes complete with a large carrying bag. This bag is made up of quality cotton and it has enough durability. It can safely hold all the included accessories. The kit is composed of a serving spoon, a serving fork, spatula, chef knife with a case, silicone spatula, knife, and peeler combo, etc. Also, it includes extra accessories like tongs, bottle opener, and cutting board.

There are no more hassles on damage due to the ruggedness of the environment. This is because the entire kit is devised from quality stainless steel. It implies high durability and reliability. No troubles with cleaning since the utensils are dishwasher-safe.


  • Withstands years of use
  • The carry bag is spacious
  • Durable steel construction

Why We Liked Camping Utensils?

We like the sleek yet durable carry bag.

4. Caudblor 2Pcs Detachable Camping Utensils Cutlery Set:

4. Caudblor 2Pcs Detachable Camping Utensils Cutlery Set

Get rid of mess while eating and serving at outdoor places. This Caudblor cutlery set is designed to provide ease of handling. When you finished using it, pack it compactly inside a carry bag. The compact size lets you accommodate it perfectly in a lunchbox. If you want, pack it in a suitcase or handbag or survival bag, etc. The qualities like lightweight and removable design save considerable space.

Names of its applications include camping, traveling, fishing, hiking, backpacking excursion, picnic, BBQ parties, etc. Through the aluminum handle, you can safely move it anywhere.


  • Can fit in a small bag
  • Sturdy and rust-free
  • Lightweight and detachable

Why We Liked It?

The robust construction lets it withstand years of use.

3. Stainless Steel Camping Kitchen Utensil Set:

3. Stainless Steel Camping Kitchen Utensil Set

Without spending much, you get to use a multifunctional camping utensil set. It is a versatile set equipped with 27 pieces. The design is based on the family needs and use by outdoor enthusiasts. The rugged construction suggests that it can work as a grill kit for barbecues. The hanging rings help anyone to safely hang it for drying. This unique design also saves space. For expediency while transportation, a sleek zippered bag is available.


  • Includes lots of utensils
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Easy to hang anywhere

Why We Liked It?

The oxford fabric keeps all utensils protected against dust and rust.

2. Devico Travel Camping Cutlery Set, 8-Piece:

2. Devico Travel Camping Cutlery Set, 8-Piece

The material construction is a vital facet to consider for camping utensils. This set is devised from quality food-grade stainless steel. It makes the entire construction solid yet it does not feel bulky to carry.

Names of accessories included are a fork, knife, spoon, straight straw, bent straw, chopsticks, carrying case, and a cleaning brush. Moreover, the surface possesses a mirror finish. The ergonomic design guarantees ease of handling. The included carrying case with a zipper makes the set versatile. Therefore, it is a must-have set for everyday use, camping, picnic, hiking, etc.


  • Elegant design with smooth edges
  • Comes in an ergonomic shape
  • Durable and reusable

Why We Liked Camping Utensils?

The stunning design blends well with different kitchen decors.

1. UCO Utility Spork 3-in-1 Combo Spoon-Fork-Knife Utensil:

1. UCO Utility Spork 3-in-1 Combo Spoon-Fork-Knife Utensil

There are 2 identical packs of multifunctional utensils in this product. The ‘3-in-1’ term implies that the utensils can be used as a spoon, fork, and knife. You can use each piece as a spoon on one end and a fork with a sharp knife edge on the other. To employ durability, the manufacturer uses food-grade nylon. It streamlines the serving and eating experience.


  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Secure and easy to hang
  • Eco-friendly and portable

Why We Liked Camping Utensils?

The nesting design saves space and looks attractive.

Concluding Note:

To make serving and eating tasks more pleasurable, invest in any of these camping utensils. They are multifunctional, durable, and portable enough for safe transportation.

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