Top 10 Best Camera Watches Reviews Of 2022

Traditional watch suffice the need for watching the time but it is not just enough. In recent times, people are gradually habituated to use lots of smart features. Right from heart rate monitoring to accessing the smart apps, the features are endless. Camera Watches facilitate tons of smart features from the convenience of your wrist. The basic functions include displaying time, photo capturing, and video recording. There is no constraint on the extra smart features it comes with. The same will vary based on the manufacturer, model type, and price.

The hidden camera within these watches works as a great security feature. With the available facility of memory storage, the captured photos and recorded videos will be saved instantly. For rugged outdoor usages, you can get one with a waterproof feature. Make a wise buying decision with this article on the best camera watches:

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Feature to key consider for camera watches:

Know the important features for buying the best camera watches:


The camera watches alternatively function as spy cameras. They silently record the happenings around without anyone’s attention. This is why the resolution of the video recording matters a lot. Generally, it is best to go for the one supporting the full HD resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels. The same showcases a clear and bright view of the events around.

Certain camera watches support one-click video recording as well as one-click photo shooting. Hence, you will perceive so much convenience when accessing the output. You may find still shot ability and crystal-clear video recording ability in many camera watches.


The purpose behind wearing a camera watch is to save the recordings of the happenings taking place around. The higher the memory storage space, the easier it can store the video recordings. You may observe 32 GB of memory in some high-end camera watches. They facilitate more than 5 hours of HD video recording.

Battery life:

The battery life gives an idea of how long the camera watch can work continuously. Generally, 90 minutes to 120 minutes of battery life is considered decent in most top-notch camera watches. Within this duration, you can continue using the watch without requiring recharging. Especially for extensive outdoor use, emphasize the one with very powerful battery life.

Other smart features:

The camera watches made their places in the market due to various smart features. One of the important smart features to consider is the inclusion of the app. The corresponding app allows connection to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth. As a result, it is easy to monitor calories, steps, blood pressure, heart rate, etc. You may consider some other smart features like voice chat, alarm clock, notification for low battery, etc.

List of 10 Best Camera Watches Review in 2022:

10. WiFi Video Recording Bracelet & Mini Hidden Camera:

10. WiFi Video Recording Bracelet & Mini Hidden Camera

The outstanding portability of this mini hidden camera accompanies you anywhere. Both for photo capturing and video recording, the working mechanism is flawless. It is designed in form of an elegant small bracelet. It feels comfortable to wear it around the wrist for hours. There is a facility for one-click photo capturing and video recording. As a result, it significantly saves you time. Keeping the people around unknown, it silently records the happenings going on. The video resolution is 1080p at 30 fps. To promise great quality output, there is support for still shot and crystal-clear video.

With the convenience of a wide-angle lens, it is possible to capture a huge area of scenes. Chiefly when you want to record a broad view of any place, this lens proves so much useful. On the surface on/off button and video recording button are available. When you install the SKCAM phone software, there will be rapid playback and real-time monitoring via the mobile phone. To save all the recordings, just insert an SD card and turn it on. Moreover, it can also record videos though the operation is offline.


  • Lens supports wide angle
  • Automatically records to SD card
  • Supports full HD resolution

Why We Liked It?

The compact design in form of a bracelet does not feel bulky. It can record HD videos with superb clarity.

9. Camera Watch Full HD 1080P Video Recorder:

9. Full HD 1080P Video Recorder

Along with the functionalities, the aesthetic appearance is vital for a camera watch. This one comes in a striking black design with multiple dials on the surface. The appearance resembles a men’s classic watch with discreet size. The external diameter is 53 mm and the thickness is 13 mm. Depending on the needs, use it as a security camera or a spy watch. There is support for photo mode and video recording at high resolution.

One of the greatest features is it comes with ample memory storage of 32 GB. This space is enough to record videos with a total length of up to 5 hours. Moreover, the loop video recording feature is available. Once the SD card becomes full, the newest file overwrites the previous one. The built-in battery can facilitate continuous operation for 90 minutes. The user interface is simple and intuitive. Simply press the button and begin recording all the action. When you want to watch the video, plug it into a USB port on a PC, and then download the footage. Two advanced features incorporated are motion detection and IR night vision.


  • Beautiful design
  • Enough storage space
  • Efficient battery life

Why We Liked Camera Watches?

We like the absence of indicator light making sure the watch stays unnoticed.

8. SPY Camera 32GB Sports Camera:

8. Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

Flaunting bracelet type appearance, this spy camera looks appealing anywhere. It is purposely made compact to eliminate chances of discomfort on the wrist. With a single click, you can opt amongst the HD 1080P/30 fps or 720P/60 fps option. Due to the high frame rate, the video motion always stays stable. One of the greatest features is the efficient battery life. It can continue recording for 2 hours. The standby time is 20 days.

What sets this spy camera stand unique is it can function as a fitness tracker. It can monitor heart rate, steps, calories, and many more fitness parameters. Simply download the app and connect to a phone through Bluetooth. Consequently, the phone will show your fitness status. Another great feature is the support for 15 exercise modes. These modes let you define goals and strive to achieve them. As a result, your body will gradually become healthier.


  • Can track health aspects
  • The battery has a large capacity
  • Beautiful bracelet like design

Why We Liked It?

We admire its ability to accurately track various fitness parameters.

7. 1080P Camera with Portable Hidden Cameras:

7. 1080P Camera with Portable Hidden Cameras

With the Full HD resolution, the aforementioned hidden camera presents great clarity. It can capture photos and shoot videos that show great clarity. It is not at all difficult to use; simply press the button and allow recording of the action. Plug it into a USB port to view the recorded videos on a computer. It is possible to download the footage. The built-in 32 GB memory card can store more than 5 hours of video recording. Hence, in most cases, there will be no concerns about low memory space. The contained battery allows video recording for 90 minutes.

One extraordinary feature is the auto IR night vision. With the help of LED IR lights, the camera presents a clear image. As a result, you can view the whole space around even in dark. These lights are invisible and nobody will ever notice them. In the pack, a USB line and instruction manual are included.


  • Enough storage space
  • Supports night vision
  • Easy operation with button

Why We Liked Camera Watches?

With a simple adjustment, the device can present an accurate output.

6. 【Dual Cameras + Video 】 Smart Camera Watches:

6. 【Dual Cameras + Video 】 Smart Watch

Remove your frets on what to gift to your kid this birthday. This smartwatch is a great gift idea for kids aged 3-10 years old. The design shows two cameras, each at the top and front. The same enables children to capture multiple pictures, selfies, and also record action videos. Efficiently and flawlessly, it can record all the pleasant moments. The watch comes pre-installed with exciting games and an MP3 player. Therefore, your little one will not complaint about boredom anymore.

The 33 dynamic clock faces make this smartwatch elegant and versatile. Apart from altering the clock faces, there is the freedom to choose the favorite pictures or GIFs. They are directly available on the home screen. The prominent features include a pedometer, activity tracker, a timer, and a stopwatch.


  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Comes with 33 clock faces
  • Includes games and an mp3 player

Why We Liked It?

With fitness tracking features, the watch can instill healthy habits in kids.

5. KToyoung Waterproof Kids Smart Camera Watches

5. KToyoung Waterproof Kids Smart Watch

Packed with a plethora of useful features, the KToyoung smartwatch is simultaneously easy to use. Kids will perceive no hassles when accessing different functionalities. The 1.44-inch IPS touchscreen employs a user-friendly interface. It is a color touchscreen that does not damage the eyesight. The included strap offers supreme comfort for wearing the watch.

The body of the watch is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Even on windy and rainy days, the functionalities are uncompromised. An SOS button is present on the right side. Some other features are two-way call, voice chat, SOS alarm, alarm clock, notification for low battery, etc.


  • Bright IPS touchscreen
  • Strap offers comfort
  • Waterproof and dustproof

Why We Liked It?

There are plenty of advanced features in a sleek design.

4. Aipinvip Hidden-Camera-WiFi-Spy-Camera Watches:

4. Aipinvip Hidden-Camera-WiFi-Spy-Camera

Featuring a sporty look, this Aipinvip hidden camera is extremely portable. Its versatility lets you use it as a hidden nanny security camera. It can flawlessly record in full HD at 30 fps. There is support for real-time viewing. To explore this feature, connect your mobile phone to the camera through WiFi.

The built-in memory card has 32 GB of space. The loop recording feature overwrites the previous file with the newest one. When the built-in battery is fully charged, the watch can continue working for up to 70 minutes.


  • No storage space concerns
  • Beautiful bracelet design
  • Comes with loop recording feature

Why We Liked Camera Watches?

The watch stays hidden and precisely records everything around.

3. LTMADE Mini Camera with 32GB Card:

3. LTMADE Mini Camera with 32GB Card

The output from this LTMADE portable camera always appears smooth. The full HD recording and 30 fps are the two aspects responsible for this. The maximum duration for video recording is 131 minutes. One great feature is the built-in lens rotates at 360°. Thus, you can easily shoot from diverse angles as you like. The built-in 32 GB memory card can store up to 5 hours of video recording. This card supports loop recording functionality.


  • The lens rotates in all directions
  • Long video recording time
  • Easy to place anywhere

Why We Liked Camera Watches?

We are pleased with lots of features in its tiny size.

2. Touch Screen Children’s Camera Watch (Black):

2. Touch Screen Children’s Smart Watch (Black)

A beautiful gift idea for kids, this black smartwatch is so much easy to use. It does not include any complex features and does not demand app download. Also, there is no need to connect a phone. All the features are built-in and are easy to use. For kids aged 3-12 years old, the device proves to be a memorable gift.

To ensure kids’ safety, the SOS key is available. Kids just need to press this key to call families’ numbers for assistance. Especially for emergencies, this functionality is a life-saver. Various other features are 5 languages, 3 alarm clocks, call log, volume adjustment, etc.


  • Long standby time
  • No need to download an app
  • Can save MP3 files

Why We Liked It?

It allows parents to monitor the kid’s movements for their security.

1. Smart Watch for Kids with Video Recorder & Player:

1. Smart Watch for Kids with Video Recorder & Player

For occasions like Birthdays, New Year, etc. this watch is a great gift for children aged 3-12 years. It comes with 7 exciting puzzle games to keep them engaged in play. There is the flexibility to choose among multiple themes. Kids can enjoy unlimited fun with GIF animations and videos. Some other smart features are an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, and more. A USB cable is available to connect to a PC.


  • Customizable wallpaper
  • Multiple puzzle games
  • Comes with an extra SD card

Why We Liked Camera Watches?

All the features keep the kids happy for hours.

Concluding Note:

The camera watches accomplish lots of functions in their sleek form factor. They present an elegant look and simultaneously records video of the place.

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