Top 9 Best Breakfast In Bed Trays Reviews Of 2022

Skipping breakfast is not good for your health. Some people know this fact still they ignore it just because of lack of time. Occasionally, you may desire to enjoy your breakfast right from the convenience of bed, instantly when you wake up. The breakfast in bed trays is quite useful to conveniently serve and eat breakfast. Depending on the snacks and food items you eat usually in breakfast, you can choose a proper size. Their portability yet well-built structure indicates how versatile they are.

Several breakfast in bed trays is multifunctional. Therefore, you can use them as a laptop desk, writing desk, reading desk, drawing table, etc. To facilitate the user with convenience, some manufacturers prepare these trays in a foldable design. The neat storage facility denotes that liquids and other food contents will not spillover. Check out the below article to know more about the best breakfast in bed trays:

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Amazon Basics Classic TV Dinner Folding Trays with Storage Rack - 4-Pack, Espresso
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Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table With Wheels (Hospital and Home Medical Use)
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Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs, and breakfast tray Bamboo bed table and bed tray with legs
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Drive Medical 13067 Non Tilt Top Overbed Table, Silver Vein
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Winsome Alex 2-pc Set TV Table, Natural
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Feature to key consider for breakfast in bed trays:

If you are not fully sure which breakfast in bed tray to choose, consider the below factors:

Serving capacity:

Breakfast is usually deemed to be packed with lots of nutrition. This is why many people insist to include a lot of healthy food items at breakfast. To meet your needs, look at the serving capacity before purchase. For serving light breakfast like some fruits and milk, you can go for a smaller tray. It can perfectly accommodate your limited breakfast items and save the space around. Conversely, if you are looking to serve and eat a wide variety of breakfast items, prioritize for a larger one.

Not just for breakfast but the capacity also gives an idea of how effectively the tray can present versatility. The one with a larger capacity can double as a laptop desk or writing desk.

Ease of movement:

Ideally, you will move your breakfast from the kitchen to your bed or sofa through the tray. Without considering ease of movement, your investment will be useless. Usually, a lightweight and portable breakfast in bed tray can facilitate easy movement.

The size and type of available handle is one important factor deciding mobility. Furthermore, certain of these trays are equipped with foldable legs. The foldable design provides you convenience for storage and cleaning. Keep in mind that an extremely lightweight tray may not lift multiple items.


As time passes, you may like to use the same tray for some other purposes. For example, you may like it to use as a desk for writing or reading or working on a laptop or drawing, etc. If it packs in enough versatility then you can use it for multiple purposes. The foldable design and portability are prime factors contributing to versatility.

Other features:

Some of the special features you can consider are floating ability, size of handles, foldable legs, ease of storage, and ease of cleaning. If you are conscious about the style aspect, focus on the color so that it can fit with your decor and other devices.

List of 9 Best Breakfast In Bed Trays Review in 2022: 

9. Rossie Home Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder:

9. Rossie Home Media Bed Tray with Phone Holder

When you worry about how to enhance the décor of your space easily, go for this Rossie bed tray. Its size is spacious enough to accommodate multiple dishes of breakfast. In addition to offering enough capacity, you also benefit from versatility. This is because the manufacturer prepares it considering multifunctional usage. You can use it to accommodate most laptops and tablets up to 17.3 inches in size. Unlike the cheap quality bed trays that may crack after a few usages, this one will last longer. This is since it is built from natural bamboo.

One of the best features of this versatile bed tray is to provide you great online viewing experience. Elaborating the same, you can align your portable digital devices on this tray and can watch the movies comfortably. It can perfectly hold a tablet or cell phone of any size in 2 different alignments. Another key feature to note is it comes with a foldable leg design. When you wish to safely store this tray away, just fold the legs. Furthermore, the design shows the front tray lip in the lowered position. It enables direct access to the top. Apart from flaunting attractive design, the construction is solid and stable.


  • Front ledge offers extra comfort
  • Durable bamboo construction
  • 2 color options

Why We Liked Breakfast In Bed Trays?

The natural bamboo finish presents a nice decorative touch to any space.

8. Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs:

8. Home-it Bed Tray table with folding legs

In the manufacturing of this Home-it bed tray, quality natural bamboo is used. It adds a sleek touch to the existing furniture pieces. Also, this bamboo material is well-known for its stability and durability. To make this tray mobile, handles are included. This along with the foldable legs offers ease of storage and cleaning. Moreover, the design also shows tray lips at the edges to avoid items from falling off.

To use this same tray in form of a laptop desk, simply fold its legs. When you fold the legs, it will save the space around and offers high stability. Not just for working in front of a laptop but the foldable design lets you eat comfortably while watching TV. The cleaning task is not much difficult; use warm water and mild soap for cleaning.


  • Versatile and mobile
  • Easy to fold the legs
  • Durable and stable

Why We Liked It?

We like its elegant design presenting a decoration display.

7. FURNINXS Bamboo Bed Tray:

7. FURNINXS Bamboo Bed Tray

Now it is easy to serve breakfast in a bedroom, sofa, chair, hospital, etc. with this FURNINXS tray. Its spacious capacity helps you to serve meals and dinner. Over and above using as a breakfast tray, you could use it as a beautiful decorative display. Wherever you place it, the surrounding space will look more elegant. Looking at the materials used, natural bamboo is present. It is a renewable and environmentally friendly material.

Considering portability, the tray’s design includes a handle and secure edges. You can easily grab the tray in hand and carry it around. Another design element is the raised edges that stop the spillage of liquids. This design along with foldable legs protects your clothes from getting messy.


  • Prevents spills of liquid
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Foldable design saves space

Why We Liked Breakfast In Bed Trays?

Its foldable design simplifies the hassles for storage when not in use.

6. Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs (Beige):

6. Bed Tray Table with Folding Legs (Beige)

The beige color of this bed tray adds a touch of sophistication to your decor. Whether it is a bedroom or living room or office, the beige color will mostly look complementary. There is the use of quality bamboo to ensure durability. Despite offering longevity, this material contributes towards a lightweight and portable design. Depending on existing needs, you can let it stand steadily or fold it flat off over the table. When Breakfast In Bed Trays come to safe storage, the foldable design comes into play.

To make it multifunctional, the manufacturer equips it with easy-to-use carrying handles. These handles assist you to move it within your indoor space or also take it for a trip. Simply use water for easy cleaning.


  • Easy to clean and reuse
  • Handles offer mobility
  • Saves the space

Why We Liked It?

The versatility allows you to use it as a decorative holder.

5. Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray – 2 Pack:

5. Pipishell BambQazACaCoo Bed Tray - 2 Pack

An individual of any age can utilize this bamboo bed tray. Breakfast In Bed Trays can work perfectly as a food serving tray, laptop desk, reading desk, drawing table, etc. Also, you can use it at the hospital to serve medicines and related treatments. Being portable, its applications are virtually endless. You can safely take it to a bed or sofa or kitchen or any outdoor location. To make the entire construction sturdy, natural bamboo is used. It is an eco-friendly material and works as a better alternative to plastic.

Its design represents foldable legs to save the space around. If you need, you can lay the tray flat. Consequently, Breakfast In Bed Trays will not shake or move off. Furthermore, the tray lips at the edges stop items from falling off. You can stay stress-free about food items spilling off.


  • Prevents spills of liquid
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made up of eco-friendly bamboo

Why We Liked It?

We like the carrying handles making it simple to carry anywhere.

4. Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table with Foldable Legs:

4. Pipishell Bamboo Bed Tray Table with Foldable Legs

When eating breakfast or meals in bed, some people worry about the food falling off. Fortunately, this Pipishell bed tray offers high stability to prevent spillage of food. The lip edges stop items from falling around. Apart from using it as a tray for serving food, you can use it as a laptop desk. It is due to the available legs that help you to keep it stable on most surfaces. Being foldable and with a polished surface, these legs contribute towards the delicate design overall.

It is due to the use of premium quality natural bamboo making it so durable. Along with durable, the tray feels lightweight enough to carry around. On the sides, a smooth handle is available for portability. Furthermore, the elevated lip edges stop food from falling off.


  • The handle is easy to grasp
  • Legs offer high stability
  • Elegant design

Why We Liked It?

The legs stay locked to offer stability. Also, durability is great.

3. Hossejoy Breakfast In Bed Trays (Black):

3. Hossejoy Foldable Laptop Table (Black)

The stunning black design of this model of tray adds a beautiful look to any space. Be its home or office or workstation, you can use it comfortably. The excellent stability lets you work conveniently at an office. Besides, you can relax in bed to watch TV while eating snacks. The versatility lets you use it in form of a reading desk. Those individuals willing to enhance their work efficiency can use this desk.

In the manufacturing of tray, MDF is present. But in the making of legs, steel along with powder coating is present. Moreover, the bottom of the legs is such that it guarantees the stability of things kept inside the tray. Also, it does not scratch the floor.


  • Beautiful powder-coated finish
  • Can hold most size laptops
  • No assembly needed

Why We Liked It?

We like its ability to hold phones, books, and cups.

2. Breakfast In Bed Trays with Handles (Beige):

2. Breakfast Tray Table with Handles (Beige)

Equipped with handles, this sturdy breakfast tray feels comfortable to carry around. You can use it in different ways like a laptop desk or serving tray in a hospital or simply as a decorative display. Due to foldable legs, it becomes safe to store the tray away. At the edges, the tray lips are available. They avoid food items from falling off. The tray can work excellently for pregnant women or for those who are recommended with bed rest.


  • Handles make it mobile
  • Food will not slide off
  • Works as a beautiful display

Why We Liked Breakfast In Bed Trays?

It can hold most of the items without letting them fall over.

1. Jibanie Wooden Breakfast In Bed Trays:

1. Jibanie Wooden Breakfast Table Tray

To use a versatile breakfast tray, you can invest in this product from Jibanie. It is basically a foldable wooden table tray useful in plenty of ways. For example, you can use it to serve meals and breakfast or use it as a writing desk or drawing table. The presence of bamboo MDF and quality wood makes it durable enough. You can use a wet towel for easy cleaning. When not in use, simply fold the legs and store them away.


  • Multifunctional and easy to use
  • Durable yet lightweight
  • Easy to carry everywhere

Why We Liked Breakfast In Bed Trays?

It can be useful in several ways right from serving food to study desks to laptop tables, and more.

Concluding Note:

The breakfast in bed trays come in handy when there is a need to serve breakfast at bed or sofa or car, etc. They exhibit characteristics like stability, portability, durability, and ease of use.

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