Top 5 Best Bread Slicers Reviews Of 2022

Get straight cuts when cutting loaf with the best bread slicers. They are easy to use and have reliable blades to create even pieces. Also, these machines save the user time and prevent fingers from harm. Check out the following review that has the best bread slicers in 2022.

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List of 5 Best Bread Slicers Review in  2022:

#5 Amyhome Bread Slicer

#5 Amyhome Bread Slicer

By: Amyhome Bread Slicers

Hosting an event or preparing foods for loved ones can consume a lot of time. For instance, when cutting bread, the use of a conventional knife requires extra caution to prevent injuries. To avoid this, you can invest in this bread slicer that leaves your fingers protected and away from the blades. Also, it saves time as you cut homemade bread, baked bread loaves, sandwich, bagel, cake, toast, cheese, vegetables, ham and much more. Now, you can use a single unit to perform all these activities for added consumer value.

With sturdy construction, this equipment is made using premium ABS resin. That means it can last much longer than the rest and resist high temperatures between -10°C to 90°C. What’s more, this construction is tenacious and can handle daily applications easily. Note that you can choose one of the five different thickness to get the ideal size. And they range from 1cm up to 3cm to create uniform pieces. Furthermore, this bread unit is adjustable and foldable for space-saving storage. For secure use, a stable bottom prevents skidding in every method.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for cutting homemade bread, cheese, vegetables, etc
  • Crafted from ABS resin for longlasting performance
  • Has a stable and durable bottom to prevent skidding

#4 Norpro Bread Slicer

#4 Norpro Bread Slicer

By: Norpro Bread Slicers

What makes Norpro among the best bread slicers in the market is the crumb catcher feature. It helps minimize messes on the countertop to leave the surface neat every time. At the same time, it saves you cleanup time when done preparing the bread. In addition, this machine is created to handle different foods such as bread, loaf cakes, and much more. You can slice up a whole bread in minutes, especially when hosting a party, dinner, get-together or other even.

Additionally, cleanup does not require too much effort or special detergents. This product is easy to take apart when the time for cleaning arises. Also, using a damp cloth is recommended by the manufacturer to clear out crumbs from the crumb catcher. Made from heavy-duty material, you don’t have to worry about the longevity of this equipment. It can bear daily use without malfunctioning making it a valuable kitchen tool. Moreover, its acrylic slicing guides offer uniform slices while the simple finish improves your countertop appeal.

Reasons To Buy:

  • A sturdy crumb catcher keeps countertop mess-free
  • Made from a longlasting and easy-to-clean material
  • Has acrylic guides for creating uniform slices

#3 Bread Slicers

#3 Bread slicer

By: XIYUAN Bread Slicers

This bread slicer is well-crafted suitable for food preparation at home. It has a manual guide to let you cut uniform slices each time. Also, changing the thickness is super easy, thanks to the four adjustable positions ranging between 15mm and 30mm. That means a customized application that suits the purpose and occasion. In addition, your fingers remain safe, unlike using a standard knife. With an innovative mechanism, this machine is applicable as a dough slicer to save time and add user convenience. Just fold it when transporting or storing to consume small cabinet space.

Some materials used to make bread slices don’t last for an extended time leading to unplanned purchases. For this one, it’s created from ABS resin that guarantees a food-grade and long term service. Furthermore, the composition is non-toxic, odor-free and tasteless to promote a healthy application. And the stable structure can be used to cut bagels, loaves of bread, ham, vegetables and cheese.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a manual guide to aid in creating uniform bread slices
  • Allows a customized use by adjusting the thickness
  • Suitable for cutting bagels, bread, ham, veggies and cheese

#2 Chefman Die-Cast Electric Bread Slicers

#2 Chefman Die-Cast Electric Slicer

By: Chefman Bread Slicers

Chefman is among the best bread slicers that do more than just slicing bread. Its innovative structure can be used for cutting dried meat, fruits, veggies, roast beef, ham, turkey and much more. Not only for multi-use action but also it saves time in the kitchen for most food preparation needs. With a convenient dial, use it to adjust the thickness of the slices for a customized outcome. Plus, the overall profile of this machine is compact as it measures just 9 inches long by 12 inches across. You can store it inside a cabinet or place on a small countertop effortlessly.

What’s more, using this equipment for crafting gourmet meals or weekday lunch is super easy. It can cut homemade beef jerky, charcuterie boards, deli sandwiches, and other favorites. Besides, cleanup is ultra-easy thanks to the user-friendly construction featuring die-cast aluminum casing and stainless steel blade. And for additional security, the non-slip feet, food pusher, on/off switch and more functions offer increased safety.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a multipurpose design for cutting bread, meat, fruits, etc
  • The die-cast aluminum casing is super easy to clean
  • Comes with stainless steel blade for quick slicing

#1 Bambusi Bread Slicers

#1 Bambusi Bread Slicer

By: Bambüsi Bread Slicers

The slicing guide of this bread equipment helps you make the perfect cuts. It creates even slices ideal for various occasions such as get-togethers and much more. Also, it has a stainless steel knife for longevity and superior cutting action. And it won’t rust or break when handled frequently to give the consumer value for money. In addition, this unit guides the knife accurately, thanks to the side grooves. As a result, you can pick from three thicknesses to get the desired broadness.

We take a look at the advanced mechanism of this tool. It’s applicable in bread purposes and other pastries such as bagel for more convenience. What’s more, it can slice homemade bread, custom-style baked loaf, banana nut bread, French bread, Pumpernickel and much more. Just place the sturdy base on the working surface to achieve a stable action. Plus, it reduces messes on the counter to leave the space neat and inviting. Furthermore, folding this equipment flat support secure storage, even in small and crowded drawers.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with a slicing guide to create even and neat cuts
  • Suitable for cutting French bread, Pumpernickel, and others
  • The innovative design reduces messes on the working surface

What is the best bread slicer?

The market has many designs and sizes of bread slices. This can get a little tricky when picking a suitable one that meets or surpasses a user’s needs. Also, consider the following tips before buying this machine.

Overall construction

What type of material is used to make the best bread slicer? The most common options are wood, plastic and acrylic. For wooden brands, they are attractive, especially those crafted from maple or hickory. But the downside for this material is they tend to break, flake or chip quickly than the competition.

For users who want to use acrylic bread cutters, they offer a modern appearance. They are easy to clean, but with repeated washings, they become foggy. Also, plastic designs are lightweight, flexible and much more affordable.

Foldaway Mechanism

An excellent bread slicer should be effortless when folding. This means you can store it even in crowded cupboards or drawers easily. Not only that but also some designs fold quickly when using a dishwasher to clean them.


A reliable bread slicer should give you a lasting service. Most brands such as Amyhome, Norpro, Bambusi and much more guarantee an extended use. Also, the features of these types of equipment are much more superior to offer the user a smooth application.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Bread Slicers

Equipment used to cut bread, and other doughs make the action more straightforward than using a conventional knife. Also, these bread slicers are easy to handle thanks to the user-friendly features. Let’s review some of the top factors you can find in this machine.

Blade Construction

Check the blade material and its overall design when searching for the best bread slicer. It should handle daily use, especially for commercial purposes. Also, the slicers made from stainless steel tend to last longer than the other materials. Plus, they won’t fade or rust to give the consumer a healthy service.


How big or small is the bread cutter? For home use, a compact model is ideal for saving countertop space. At the same time, those brands that are foldable come in handy during storage. Simply folding and storing inside a kitchen drawer or cabinet takes minimal effort. Plus, those living in small houses such as RV, they don’t have to worry about space limitations.

Multiple Slice Sizes

Last but not least, a bread slicer can have different slice sizes. That means you can pick the thickness to meet your applications. Also, this function is ideal for those who love experimenting with food preparations and presentations at home. Users who prefer the same cut and style of bread slice, choosing a single slice brand works well.


Use one of the best bread slicers to get straight cuts every time. It is easy to operate and requires minimal effort, especially for manual designs. What’s more, the advanced models with different bread sizes support a customized application. You can pick a thickness that meets your food preparation and presentation needs. Also, the best bread slicers are versatile to cut different pieces of bread such as homemade bread, custom-style baked loaf, banana nut bread, French bread, and much more.

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