Top 10 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses Reviews Of 2022

The earbuds, headphones, headsets, etc. are the best inventions when it comes to listening to music on the go. In certain cases, some people face the issue that such devices cannot stay properly around the ears. Now you can enjoy your favorite tunes with literally zero hassles with the help of Bluetooth sunglasses. Implied from the name itself, these sunglasses’ working is based on wireless connectivity. In the majority of these sunglasses, the speakers are positioned directly over your ears. So, they will deliver the sound output for your ears only. No one else will get disturbed.

Their major features include user-friendly touch controls, polarized lenses, advanced microphone systems, and efficient batteries. So, they can successfully deliver premium audio quality. Usually, they are built to last, so a single investment will benefit you with years of usage. They are perfect for outdoor pursuits like hiking, workouts, beach games, etc. Without delays, now let’s go through the best Bluetooth sunglasses:

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Feature to key consider for Bluetooth sunglasses:

Check out the factors that can influence the choice for the best Bluetooth sunglasses:

Types of Bluetooth sunglasses:

Mainly, there are 2 types i.e. open ear and bone-conducting. The styles of both these types are mostly similar but the audio quality differs significantly. Generally, open ear Bluetooth sunglasses contain 2 or multiple speakers in the arm of sunglasses. The audio gets delivered towards the ear. In some advanced models, there is a facility to block external noise interference.

The second type i.e. bone-conducting Bluetooth sunglasses depend on the sound transmission via the bones around the jawline and head of the user. The eardrum is bypassed.

Lens polarization:

The viewing experience of these sunglasses entirely depends on the polarization of the lens. Always consider the one with this kind of lens to eliminate eye strain and glare. These lenses also boost colors and contrast. It is found that these lenses can protect eyes against harmful UV rays.

Some Bluetooth sunglasses are designed with the UV400 polarized lens. This kind of lens offers great contrast, color, and clarity. Also, it provides impact resistance for the face and eyes. The UV400 rating suggests that they can filter out UVA and UVB light with maximum wavelengths of 400 nm.

Along with the lens type, also look at the lens width. Generally, the lens width of 54 or 55 mm is acceptable to benefit from the best viewing experience.

Other considerations:

Apart from audio, these sunglasses can support several video options. They help you when you want to record moments from the perspective of the first person. Other features you can consider are a water-resistance body, the inclusion of dual speaker sets, and beamforming microphones.

List of 10 Best Bluetooth Sunglasses Review in 2022:

10. GELETE Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses:

10. GELETE Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses

With the cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and advanced features, these sunglasses are one of the smartest ones in the market. They are designed to provide a favorable viewing experience without worrying about rain and sweat. The IPX4 waterproof body structure assists to work well during damp weather. So, your music and call experience stay unaffected. The inclusion of a polarized lens offers excellent UV protection. So, your eyes stay safe against damage from harmful sun rays.

The built-in AI voice control provides direct access to navigation. Wherever you are walking or traveling, you will not be left with unknown directions. No need to take out your phone every time to know the navigation. Once fully charged, you can listen to your favorite music for 3.5 hours continuously. The Bluetooth connectivity works within 30 feet of distance. Once connected to Bluetooth, the sunglasses allow you to listen to music or handle calls.


  • Protection against rain and sweat
  • Complete UV protection to eyes
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity

Why We Liked It?

The sound output stays clear even in a noisy environment.

9. Bose Frames, Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones:

9. Bose Frames, Audio Sunglasses with Open Ear Headphones

The Bose frames mentioned above are famous for presenting immersive sound output. Only you will listen to your favorite tunes or calls. The other persons around will not get disturbed. Especially the open-ear audio keeps you aware of the surroundings while you are relishing the music. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet. Within this range, you can connect compatible devices running on Android 5.0 or above; iOS 9.0 or above. On the frames, the easy-to-use volume control is present. It makes sure you need not take out your phone for volume control.

Looking at its specification, the lens width is 54 mm and the bridge width is 21 mm. The temple length is 136 mm. When the battery is fully charged, it gives 12 hours of standby. Furthermore, the built-in microphone offers great clarity in calls. Also, you will have easy access to the virtual assistant of your phone.


  • Maximum elimination of UV rays
  • Clear sound quality in calls
  • Powerful battery life

Why We Liked It?

We like its capability to block most of the harmful UV rays and protect the user’s eyes.

8. OhO Open Ear Audio Sunglasses:

8. OhO Open Ear Audio Sunglasses

For a multitude of outdoor activities, you can wear these sunglasses. Whether for outdoor sports or workouts or simply relaxing on a patio, don’t forget to wear these devices. What makes them so unique and functional is they are compatible with all smartphones. Within the range of its Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your phone. Chiefly, the HD microphone is the key component when it comes to great clarity of sound in calls.

Two of its key features are UV lens protection and water-resistance. Both of them protect your eyes and face in most outdoor situations. The UV400 polarized lens offers outstanding clarity, color, and contrast. Along with protection, they enhance the viewing experience. The playtime for up to 5 hours denotes that you can enjoy your music listening experience while outdoors. No need to frequently charge it. The elimination of cable mess gives you great freedom to wear these sunglasses anywhere. What’s more, the slim and sleek design guarantees that your face does not feel fatigued when wearing them.


  • Great protection to eyes and face
  • High-quality sound output
  • Comfortable to wear

Why We Liked Bluetooth Sunglasses?

They feel lightweight and so much comfy to the eyes and face.

7. OhO Bluetooth Sunglass Water Resistance:

7. OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses, Water Resistance

For wireless music listening and calling experience, you can try out these Oho sunglasses. Apart from the high-quality sound output, they present a picturesque viewing experience. Unlike normal sunglasses, your eyes stay completely protected by these sunglasses. This is since they come implemented with UV protection and include a polarized lens. With the open-ear technology, music listening and calling experiences are hands-free. With a button control, you can power on and make calls. One of the extraordinary features is they can connect with all versions of mobile phones irrespective of the brand.

The Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity works within 30 feet of distance. You will get up to 3 hours of playtime through a single charge. The built-in speakers of premium quality convey a superb listening experience. Some extra features supported are voice dialing from phone list, weather and traffic updates, and smart assistant voice command.


  • Ultra-slim design
  • 100% UV protection
  • Allows connecting 2 smartphones

Why We Liked Bluetooth Sunglasses?

We like the open ear style that does not injure the ears.

6. OhO Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Sunglasses:

6. OhO Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Sunglasses

Presented in open-ear style, these Oho audio sunglasses provide a relaxing listening experience. You can use them for wireless music listening and calling anytime, anywhere. The HD microphone is the key component responsible for the superior audio quality in calls. Using the available controls, you can effortlessly customize the listening experience. One of the key components is the UV400 polarized lens. They provide superb clarity, contrast, and vibrant colors. Also, these lenses fully protect the eyes from UV rays damage.

Another key feature to note is the playtime is up to 10 hours. It is owing to the efficient battery life. Wherever you are located, it is sure that you need not often charge these sunglasses. Some advanced features are voice dialing from a phone, smart assistant voice command, and weather or traffic updates. Furthermore, you can speak to Cortana, Google Now, and Siri. With your voice, you can select your favorite music from apps like Spotify and Pandora. To provide unparalleled wearing comfort, the frame material s flexible and lightweight.


  • Comfortable to face and eyes
  • Long playtime of battery
  • High-quality sound in calls

Why We Liked It?

Even when anyone wears them for hours, the viewing experience and comfort stay the same.

5. Over Ear Bluetooth Glasses with Built-in Microphone:

5. Over Ear Bluetooth Glasses with Built-in Microphone

With the advanced lens technology, these over-ear audio glasses prove to be versatile. Wear them for gaming, working in front of a computer, reading, traveling, etc. The lens color will alter depending on the surrounding environment. The smart speaker present inside offers superior sound quality. Moreover, the built-in battery offers a playtime of maximum of 10 hours. You get the freedom to play music from apps like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and more.


  • Easy-to-use volume controls
  • Protects eyes and face from impact
  • Includes several smart features

Why We Liked It?

We like the full protection to eyes against strain, scratches, and smudges.

4. Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses:

4. Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Whether for an iOS or Android wireless device, these audio glasses connect well. Once connected, it is easy to wirelessly access audio from the device. The Bluetooth 4.0 works within 30 feet of distance.

Just above the ear, dual 1W speakers are present. They provide superior audio quality. Consequently, the audio clarity is great for music and calls. When you are listening, you can still be aware of happenings in the surroundings. What’s more, the polarized lens comes with UV protection to ensure a safe viewing experience.


  • Great sound clarity
  • Offers navigation directions
  • Compatible with various Bluetooth devices

Why We Liked Bluetooth Sunglasses?

During music listening and calls, the ears will not get injured.

3. Bose Frames Soprano – Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses:

3. Bose Frames Soprano - Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

Now you can hear exceptional audio quality without disturbing others around. These audio sunglasses are equipped with cat-eye polarized lenses. They fully protect the eyes against most of the UVA/B rays. The Bluetooth connection is reliable and works within 30 feet of distance. With just one hour of full charging, the playtime is up to 5.5 hours.


  • Durable polarized lenses
  • Lifelike and clear audio
  • Powerful playtime

Why We Liked It?

There is the complete elimination of glare to provide great visibility.

2. JIRVYUK Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses:

2. JIRVYUK Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses

Equipped with the latest HD chip and advanced technology, these JIRVYUK sunglasses stand unique in the market. The advanced technology features zero distortion in output sound. The aspects like low deep bass and clear high characterize the audio quality at output. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, you can pair various wireless devices within 30 feet range. With a push of a button, you can accept calls.

On a full charge, the playtime is 4 hours. To ensure complete eye defense, the polarized lenses come with UV400 protection. The included lenses resist UV A/B/C rays.


  • Stereo sound effect
  • Low power consumption
  • Latest Bluetooth connectivity

Why We Liked Bluetooth Sunglasses?

The high-quality Hi-Fi Stereo audio justifies your investment.

1. Leaden Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Sunglasses:

1. Leaden Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Sunglasses

When it comes to the enchanting sound listening experience, go for these MP3 sunglasses. They are also known as stereo hands-free headphones. The Bluetooth V4.1 technology is compatible with most Samsung smartphones and iPhones. The manufacturer purposely made them lightweight for extra comfort.

In addition to music listening, they are appropriate for hands-free calls. Whether you are driving, hiking, jogging, etc. you can attend the calls. The black polarized lenses effectively filter out light and fully defend your eyesight.


  • Can connect 2 mobile phones
  • Controls are easy to use
  • Ultra-lightweight yet durable

Why We Liked It?

It feels so much comfortable to wear these Leaden glasses anywhere.

Concluding Note:

The Bluetooth sunglasses streamline the music listening and calling experience. They are renowned for protecting eyes against damaging outdoor elements.

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