Top 15 Best 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids Reviews 2022

Invest in the best 3 wheel scooter for kids to help improve balance and control for your youngster. It has steady wheels, quality handlebars, and other functions for simple rides. This article has the best 3 wheel scooter for kid in 2022.

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Travelers Club Kids' 5 Piece Luggage Travel Set, Bunny
Matching colors and patterns; Carry On Suitcase: Cabin sized, 4 Wheels, Hardside; Sleeping Pillow: Made of spandex fabric with micro beads
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Joovy Tricycoo 4.1 Kid's Tricycle, Push Tricycle, Toddler Trike, 4 Stages, Pink
4-in-1 trike adjusts as your child grows. For 10 months plus to 44 pounds; Extra-large 10" front wheel for easy mobility on several terrains

List of 15 Best 3-Wheel Scooters For Kid Review on Site 2022:

#15 Huffy 78919 Frozen 2 Girl Scooter

#15 Huffy 78919 Frozen 2 Girl Scooter

By: Huffy


  • Frozen 2 Print
  • Streamers
  • Handlebar bin
  • Preschool wheels
  • Icy blue color

The Huffy scooter boasts of a stylish Frozen 2 print ideal for little girls aged 3 and above. It is perfect for babies who want to learn the basic skills of how to use a scooter. Besides, the streamers, handlebar bin, preschool wheel, and stylish graphics make it more beautiful.

This unit can be used with those that have a minimum height of 37 inches for superior control and balance. Its handlebar bucket has enough space for holding snacks and toys. Plus, the icy blue streamers bring out sparkly effects to most surroundings.

#14 Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

#14 Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

By: Jetson Electric Bike


  • One size
  • For 5 years +
  • Folding mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Black

Leave It to the Jetson’s to create this superior scooter with one-size-fits-all. It can be used by youngsters aged 5 and above to enjoy fun rides. What’s more, the black finish never goes out of style as your baby rides around the neighborhood, pavements, hallways, and more places. Note that this accessory is lightweight and folds quickly for compact storage.

Moreover, it has over 100 LEDs built within the deck and stem. They light up the surroundings in ever full wheel motion for added appeal. Even at night, you can spot the youngster quickly to bring out a sense of safety.

#13 Roller Derby 3-Wheel Scooter

#13 Roller Derby 3-Wheel Scooter

By: Roller Derby


  • Soft-touch grips
  • T-bar
  • Low-to-ground deck
  • Double-injected brake
  • Sporty wheels

Roller Derby is the best 3 wheel scooter for kids that provides superior comfort. Featuring soft-touch grips and T-bar, you can enjoy a secure resistance. Also, the adjustable handlebar comes in handy for growing kids to prevent additional repurchase of another product. This accessory’s deck is quite low to the floor or ground to enhance stability. It has dual-layer pads that guarantee exceptional hold for the little legs.

This gadget has advanced features, including a double-injected brake that gives your little one great control while preserving the lifespan of the tires. Not only that, but also the sporty wheels have an 82A PU design for smooth riding sessions.

#12 Mountalk 3-Wheel Scooters For Kid

#12 Mountalk 3 Wheel Scooters

By: Mountalk


  • For ride-on toys and kids
  • Fiberglass
  • Adjustable height
  • 3 LED lights
  • Dog shape

The Mountalk scooter is suitable for kids and ride-on toys. It is engineered from fiberglass and plastic for maximum strength and reliability. Not only that, but also your little one can ride for hours to improve motor skills and balance. This accessory has three height positions, including 23.5” 25.5” up and 27.5” to suit different heights. What’s more, the safe construction has better strength than the rest for 2 to 6 years old to enjoy a secure ride.

Besides, the adorable dog shape stands out from most models available in stores for added appeal. It features three wheels with LED that move smoothly on different terrains. Also, they deliver excellent cushioning to roll quietly at all times.

#11 BELEEV Kick Scooter

#11 BELEEV Kick Scooter



  • Lean-steer technology
  • 3 to 14-year-olds
  • ABEC-7 bearing
  • PU wheels
  • Wide deck

BELEVscooter boasts of a lean-steer technology to let your kid turn and stop quickly. It is lightweight and easy to control to promote superior balance. Besides, three to 14-year-olds can ride this gadget effortlessly. With a large rear-tire foot brake, it is crafted from aluminum for fast stops. Also, the ABEC-7 bearings and PU wheels improve gliding on various grounds. Whether the youngster is negotiating pavements, doorways, or steps, they can handle changing angles.

Adjust the handlebar and lock the height using a twisting lock. It ranges from 26 inches to 34 inches for your baby to grow with it. In addition, a full deck supports a 110-pound load and below for maximum safety.

#10 Hikole 3-Wheel Scooters For Kid

#10 Hikole Scooter for Kids

By: Hikole


  • Stylish gift
  • Unique bottom print
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Rubber handgrips
  • 3 LED tires

This is another best 3 wheel scooter for kids, ideal as a birthday gift. With a sleek design featuring a unique bottom, print surprise your baby or loved on any occasion. Besides, it has an adjustable handlebar with quality rubber hand grips for maximum comfort. Just change the levels from 30.2”, 32.2” up to 34.2 inches. This item is designed for 3 to 12-year-olds for the best riding adventure.

In addition, it has 4 LED tires that light up in every movement. Your little one, boy or girl, can ride in the dark for better visibility. Also, the wheels don’t produce harsh and squeaky noises when rolling on rough or smooth terrains.

#9 6KU Kids Kick 3 Wheel Scooters

#9 6KU Kids Kick Scooter

By: 6KU


  • Wide deck
  • 110-pound limit
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Safety lifting lock
  • 3 LED wheels

6KU scooter has a full deck for your kid to hop on and off quickly. Not only that, but also it is strong enough to support up to 110 pounds of weight. Similarly, it is non-slip and spacious to hold both feet at once while riding. Now the young rider can push as many times as they want while developing excellent motor skills.

Customize the height to fit your baby’s body profile thanks to the adjustable handlebar. It has a safety lifting lock that is adjustable from 26 inches to 30 inches. What’s more, it accommodates youngsters aged 3-8 with a height from 2’5″ to 5’0″.

#8 Mongoose Expo 3-Wheel Scooters For Kid

#8 Mongoose Expo Scooter

By: Mongoose


  • Hand brakes
  • BMX bike style
  • 12-inch wheels
  • Wide foot deck
  • Axle pegs

The hand brakes of this best 3 wheel scooter for kids support a safe riding session. They are made from quality alloy that will not rust or break. Also, it gives the young one confidence in speed control as he or she moves from different angles. With a unique BMX bike style, it brings lovely attention as onlookers pass by. Your child can race down on paved streets or road trails quickly, thanks to the 12-inch inflated wheels.

Furthermore, a wide foot deck comes in handy to add stability and balance while riding. It is also made from premium material to keep your little one safe at all times. This unit’s axle pegs and brake rotor let you perform epic sidewalk tricks.

#7 Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter

#7 Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter

By: Swagtron


  • LED wheels
  • Pivot-turning system
  • 100 pounds limit
  • Wide deck
  • Improves balance

The LED wheels of this scooter light up in every movement making it more advanced and stylish than most designs in the market. What’s more, your baby can use the pivot-turning system to enjoy simple control. Even for the beginner, it’s quick to learn how to ride as well as turn. Furthermore, you can customize the stem to suit your little one’s height.

Note that this scooter supports a maximum weight of 100 pounds and weighs 5.5 pounds. We like the wide deck for superior grip and balanced ride. Also, it is backed up by a low-to-ground design to improve stability.

#6 Razor DeltaWing 3 Wheel Scooters

#6 Razor DeltaWing Scooter

By: Razor


  • 3 wheels
  • Sitting or standing
  • Kid-friendly
  • Polymer wings
  • For 6 years +

The three wheels of this scooter make it easy to glide from one location to the next. It has a 406mm front wheel and two 125mm rear tires for maximum stability. Not only that, but alos they drift and spin in seconds to make the adventure more fun for little ones. This accessory supports either a sitting or standing position thanks to its new design. Your youngster can choose the style that suits his or her comfort.

What’s more, the kid-friendly structure makes it easy to learn how to use this gadget. Featuring a steel frame, it has high-tech polymer wings for maximum support. It can handle up to 143 pounds of body weight ideal for ages 6 and above.

#5 Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

#5 Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

By: Razor


  • Folding mechanism
  • Polypropylene deck
  • Urethane wheels
  • Aluminum, plastic, steel

Easily assemble this scooter by razor in seconds. Thanks to a modern folding mechanism, it makes it simple for the youngster to store and carry. Alos, it uses a small placement area after long and fun riding sessions. With a slip-resistant deck, it is made from polypropylene for maximum support. This material will not wear out or lose its appeal as quickly as the rest.

We also love the urethane wheels speed and reliability. They grip most terrains firmly and move swiftly for your kids to reach the desired destination. Moreover, the other parts are designed from aluminum, plastic and steel to deliver superior performance.

#4 Micro Kickboard 3 Wheel Scooters 

#4 Micro Kickboard

By: Micro Kickboard 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids


  • 3 wheels
  • For 2-5 year olds
  • Lean-to-steer mechanism
  • For toddlers and kids
  • Develops good coordination

The Micro Kickboard is among the best 3 wheel scooter for kid suitable for 2 to 5 year olds. Boasting an innovative design, it guarantees smooth-gliding in various terrains. Whether the youngster is riding on tarmac, harwood and more area, it works perfectly. Also, the 3 wheels move safely and quickly suitable for beginners. They can steer and learn how to control this gadget without too much adult assistance.

Additionally, your kid will experience superior stability thanks to the lean-to-steer design. It offers maximum support for small children and toddlers as they develop good coordination and balance.

#3 EEDAN 3 Wheel Scooters for Kids

#3 EEDAN Scooter for Kids

By: EEDAN 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids


  • Metal and nylon
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Detachable design
  • 3 wheels
  • Wide deck

Constructed of durable nylon composite and metal, this scooter has similar performance like expensive brands. It has a T-style handlebar for your kid to lock in place when riding. Besides, it’s adjustable in three heights to suit various body profiles. The detabchgabel structure makes it simple to travel and store.

This accessory has three wheels ideal for kids to learn the basic scooter skills. Not only that but also a wide deck improves stability as well as safety. Watch the youngster move from place to place confidently.

#2 Razor A Kick 3 Wheel Scooters

#2 Razor A Kick Scooter

By: Razor 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids


  • 3 wheels
  • Aluminum
  • 5 years +
  • Quick folding
  • Lightweight

Razor is another best 3 wheel scooter for kids made from quality aluminum. This material is lightweight and durable than most to ensure a lasting performance. Alos, you don’t have to worry about breakages as it supports 5 years old and above. This unit comes with a folding technology for easy carry and quick storage. Your kid can transport it between rides for added convenience.

In addition, the adjustable handlebars make it easy to select the perfect riding height. More features include urethane wheels and rear-fender brake for maximum stabilitytu and safety.

#1 Radio Flyer Lean ‘N Glide 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids

#1 Radio Flyer Lean 'N Glide Scooter

By: Radio Flyer 3-Wheel Scooters For Kids


  • Up to 60 pounds
  • Lean-to-steer mechanism
  • For 3+ years
  • Lighting wheels
  • Adjustable handlebar

The Lean ‘N Glide scooter is perfect for three year olds and above. It has a sturdy design made from premium material to support up to 60 pounds. Besides, the use of lean-to-steer mechanism helps improve coordination and balance. Your child will get better motor skills as they move from one path to the neck. This item’s wheels light-up in every movement for added appeal and bright style.

We also like the included foot brake for maximum control. In case of emergency stops and sharp corners, the youngster can steadily break into a halt. Waht;s more, an adjustable handle bar can fit different heights to suit multiple body profiles. Let your child secure their hands onto the soft foam grips for improved comfort.

How To Choose The Best 3 Wheel Scooter For kid


Check the size of the best 3 wheel scooter for kids to know if your child can ride it comfortably. Normally the manufacturer has a specific recommendation to prevent injuries and returns.


The wheels should provide quality and superior movement. Whether on smooth or rough terrains, your kid can control it effortlessly.


What age is a 3 wheel scooter for?

This is a rather tricky question. Frankly, it depends on various factors. Of course, kids develop and acquire skills at different ages. However, 3-wheel scooters are perfect for kids of ages between 3 and 7 years. Of course, these 3 wheel scooters are perfect for kids who are struggling with two wheel options. And yes, most brands are designed to offer comfort for your kid. They are padded and well-designed. Therefore, they are the perfect option for your kids as they grow.


What is the best scooter for a 3 year old?

There are many 3-wheel scooters available out there. However, only a few will satisfy your needs. For use, we recommend Radio Flyer, Lacsoota and Razor brands. These are high-quality options that will last longer and offer excellent services.

How do you identify the best 3-wheel scooters? First, ensure you pick the best material. We have different materials used to come up with 3-wheel scooters. For instance, some boast a tough stainless steel frame. This is the right material. Also check the wheels and ensure they are wide, safe, durable and stable. That way, you kid will maneuver through different terrains and surfaces with ease.

How about the size? Well, some 3-wheel scooters boast an adjustable design. They are adjustable so that they suit kids of different heights. These are also better options because they grow along with your kid. They should also offer excellent padding for comfortable rides on all terrains.


Can a 3 year old ride a 2 wheel scooter?

Can a 3 year old kid ride a 2 wheel scooter? Most parents are concerned about their two-year old kids. They wonder whether it’s safe to put them on a 2-wheel scooter. Well, any kid who can walk steadily can ride a scooter. However, it is safe to watch them at all times. In short, a kid at two years can ride a scooter but under supervision. That’s why most parents prefer starting them at three years. Of course, the safety of your child is paramount. For that reason, you wouldn’t want to put them in the line of danger.


What is the best scooter for a 12 year old?

There are many options for kids above the age of 7 years. Of course, the age comes with a change in weight and size. For that reason, you have to be careful when buying a scooter for your 12 year old son or daughter. Their weight requires a firmer and more stable frame. They also have more experience and skills. Therefore, they need a rather sophisticated scooter. We have several options out there for your 12 year old. For instance, Razor A3 is one of the best options available out there. However, when your kid hits the teen age, you can settle for ENVY prodigy s8. These are perfect scooters for young adults.


Pick the best 3 wheel scooter for kids in our list above to improve fun and adventures at home. Also, the best 3 wheel scooter for kids has sturdy tires for smooth movements.

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