Top 10 Best 14-inch Laptop Cases Reviews Of 2021

A laptop is deemed as one of the most functional devices for entertainment and professional work. The size of the display screen is usually the foremost aspect customers look at before purchase. For typical day-to-day usage, 14-inch laptops are the most favorite options. To ensure full protection for the device, it is best to buy the most suitable 14-inch Laptop Cases. Now let your laptop look in pristine condition even after few years of usage.

Apart from the effective protection, the case offers convenience for storage and transportation. To expedite the task of carrying the 14-inch laptop, you can use its suitable case. A decent quality laptop case ensures zero damage to the laptop against scratches, bumps, wear & tear, and other types of damage. Plenty of the recent models of these cases come in a wide assortment of designs and styles. Get appropriate detail on the best 14 inch laptop cases:

Bestseller 14-inch Laptop Cases On Site:

Bestseller No. 4
Canvaslife White Rose Patten Laptop Sleeve 14 inch 14.0 inch Laptop case Bag
The design of front pocket can hold pen, phone, glasses,mouse, power cord etc.
Bestseller No. 6
Kinmac Cactus 360° Protective Waterproof Laptop Case Bag Sleeve with Handle Compatible with MacBook Pro 16 and 14 inch Laptop
Extra Pocket with zipper can hold mouse, cables, power, chargers, mobile phone and so on; The retractable handle design is comfortable to carry laptop

Feature to key consider for 14 inch laptop cases:

To avoid waste of money, here are the main features to consider for the 14 inch laptop cases:


The core idea behind the purchase of a laptop case is to ensure protection. Look at what arrangements and features available for the same. For frequent outdoor usage, you must emphasize this aspect. Several 14-inch laptop cases incorporate 2 or 3 layers of the waterproof layer. The same implies that the laptop inside will stay unaffected from damp weather.

When carrying the laptop to different places, it may be subjected to bumps and shocks. Prioritize on the shockproof layer design if you carry it outdoors frequently. Some manufacturers design the case with360° protective features, so there are almost no speculations on protection.


The design aspect not just refers to colors and patterns. There are a handful of other aspects when the matter comes to design. Some 14-inch laptop cases contain a front pocket to hold the phone, pen, charging cable, glasses, etc. The available pocket assists you to neatly organize the related accessories. Also, you can look at the quality and design of the zipper to determine the access. For instance, the U shaped zipper design lets you easily place the laptop in the sleeve case.


Apart from protection, the motive behind the encasing laptop with a case is portability. To offer superb portability, many of these cases possess shoulder straps. Anybody can effortlessly attach the strap around the shoulder to avoid feeling bulking when carrying it. Other than a strap, you can insist on the inclusion of a handle. The retractable handle enables you to comfortably carry the device anywhere. Such kind of handle lets you vary the size as per the needs.

List of 10 Best 14-inch Laptop Cases Review in 2021:

10. Lacdo 360° Protective 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve:

10. Lacdo 360° Protective 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Portability and durability are the two vital considerations before buying a laptop sleeve. This one from Lacdo is prepared from waterproof canvas fabric. It effectively hinders the accumulation of vapor and water. There are no worries about harm due to rain or water. So, the laptop and the related accessories will stay dry inside. Throughout the surface of the sleeve, 360° shockproof lining is present. It soaks up impact and decreases damage due to abrupt bumps and scratches.

There are 2 additional pockets available on the front. They can hold phones, cables, chargers, pens, power banks, etc. Whenever you require any tiny items, you can easily access these pockets. Moreover, the zipper slides smoothly to save you time. The handy and lightweight design makes sure the sleeve slides well in a backpack or a briefcase or a bag.


  • Absorbs impact
  • Slim and stylish design
  • 2 extra pockets at front

Why We Liked 14-inch Laptop Cases?

The comprehensive protection perfect for business, school, or travel

9. Lacdo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Computer Cases:

9. Lacdo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Computer Case

Featuring a stylish great color design, this 14-inch laptop sleeve case appears exquisite. Whether you want to carry the device to the workplace or travel trips or any other place, this sleeve would work reliably. It can also fit the related size of a notebook. To offer extraordinary protection, there is the use of waterproof canvas fabric. It is the material that hinders water and moisture from entering inside. Never worry about damage to computers and accessories from water damage.

On the surface, there is a dense lining made of durable fabric. It is potent enough to resists shocks. The design shows a waterproof layer and 3 layers of protection. Due to the well-built exterior and dense fabric in the inner layer, the case can absorb impacts. Furthermore, this kind of fluffy structure decreases damage resultant due to abrupt bumps and scratches. Whenever you want to access tiny items, you can take the help of 2 pockets at the front. They are spacious enough to hold typical accessories like cable, charger, phone, pens, etc.


  • Repels water and moisture
  • Protection against scratches
  • Easy to zip and unzip

Why We Liked It?

We like the aesthetic design and several protective layers.

8. ProCase 14-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Cases:

8. ProCase 14-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

ProCase designs this portable sleeve case in extraordinary design. It feels sleek and lightweight wherever and whenever you carry it. In addition to protecting the device against abrupt damage, it keeps some of your essentials neatly organized. So, when you are on the go, it becomes quick and easy to access your things. The premium quality environment-friendly fabric, professional design, and beautiful workmanship are some of the specialties of the sleeve. It confirms that your investment does not go futile.

Apart from the main compartment dedicated to storing a laptop, there is a front pocket. It enables you to store some tiny items for rapid access. Essentially the slim and portable design encourages you to take it along for school, travel, or workplace. It is easy to accommodate the case in a briefcase or bag or backpack.


  • Full protection against external damage
  • Spacious compartment and pocket
  • Soft and durable

Why We Liked 14-inch Laptop Cases?

It offers flawless access to the computer and accessories inside.

7. Canvaslife White Rose Patten Laptop Cases Sleeve:

7. Canvaslife White Rose Patten Laptop Sleeve

Now it is convenient to carry the laptop and related accessories even in far places. Canvaslife devises this laptop sleeve to offer excellent portability. It can safely hold and carry tiny accessories you may need frequently. For example, the internal arrangement is capable to hold phones, pens, power cord, mouse, etc. The high-quality canvas present inside makes the sleeve protects against shock and water damage.

No fret about access since the sleeve is designed with a quality zipper and U zipper design. Hence, it is always convenient to put and take out a 14-inch laptop. The contemporary design highlights a rose pattern featuring an exquisite look. Purposely, the manufacturer equips the sleeve with padding on either side. The same makes the sleeve soft to carry as well as protective. No chances of scratches and damage due to wear & tear.


  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Padding offers extra protection
  • Includes high-quality zipper

Why We Liked It?

The interior fabric is thick and the exterior is so durable.

6. Kinmac Cactus 360° Protective Laptop Cases Bag:

6. Kinmac Cactus 360° Protective Laptop Case Bag

Not all laptop sleeves come with a handle. The presence of handles streamlines the task of carrying around. This Kinmac Cactus laptop case is designed with a retractable handle. Just grab the handle for ease of transportation. Based on your needs, it is possible to vary the size of the handle.

Owing to the use of waterproof canvas, there would be zero penetration of rain and water. Especially the soft, dense interior prevents the occurrences of scratches. There is an extra pocket at the front. It lets you store tiny accessories and also enhances the overall appearance. In the side pocket, there are tiny pockets available. They are large enough to house charger cable, phone, and other tiny things. Apart from a 14-inch laptop, you can use it for Macbook Pro 15 and MacBook Pro 16 Retina.


  • Handle size is adjustable
  • Resists scratches and bumps
  • Enough pockets inside

Why We Liked It?

The 360° protective design makes sure the laptop and accessories inside stay as it is.

5. Canvaslife 14-inch Laptop Sleeve cases, Marble Pattern:

5. Canvaslife 14-inch Laptop Sleeve case, Marble Pattern

When intending to offer the best protection to a laptop, you must encase it with this sleeve case. It excels at two major aspects i.e. comprehensive protection and beautiful design. The exquisite marble pattern gives a unique look. Whether for work or traveling, this pattern will revamp your appearance. The 360° protection gives confidence that the device inside stays unaffected by damage.

Surrounding the laptop, there is a circular rebound material inside. It ensures the safety of the device from all angles. Inside the front pocket, store some small items like pens, phone, power cable, etc. No concern about access since a high-quality zipper is available. It especially comes in a U zipper design enabling ease of access and removal. Due to padding in the interior, there will be extra protection.


  • Soft to touch and cute design
  • Zipper offers easy access
  • Keeps laptop safe from any angle

Why We Liked It?

We like the fluffy canvas material and eye-catching pattern.

4. UZBL 13-14 inch EVA Laptop Sleeve:

4. UZBL 13-14 inch EVA Laptop Sleeve

The aforementioned EVA laptop sleeve was primarily designed for Chromebooks. It can perfectly fit 13-14 inches size laptops. For businessmen, students, and travelers, this sleeve is so much useful. The built-in clip locks on the edges of your device. So, your laptop will stay attached to the case every time. Even when there is an occurrence of falls and drops, the laptop will stay lock by the clip.

The EVA mold in the interior maintains the original shape of the sleeve. It also contributes to shockproof protection. No frets about damage to the device due to drops and intense pressure. A shoulder strap is available to provide you with comfort while carrying it.


  • Comes with a clip for security
  • Flexible handles included
  • Resists shock, drops, and pressure

Why We Liked It?

We admire the superb portability and clip system.

3. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Case, Blue:

3. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Case, Blue

The stylish blue color of this MOSISO sleeve case presents an elegant look wherever you carry it. Inside, there is a dense furry liner to ensure full protection to the laptop. Furthermore, the exterior fabric can withstand bumps, pressure, and wear & tear. There is the use of polyester material with the water-repellent property. A zipper at the top glides smoothly. So, it facilitates easy access to the device. Overall, its slim and lightweight design contributes to portability.


  • Zipper slides smoothly
  • Durable fabric in exterior
  • Absorbs shocks and bumps

Why We Liked 14-inch Laptop Case?

The fluffy interior and well-built interior keep the device fully protected.

2. NIDOO 14-Inch Laptop Sleeve Case:

2. NIDOO 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

In the exterior surface of this case, the water-resistant fabric is used. It defends the laptop against abrupt spills. On the other hand, the interior features foam padding made up of polyester. It is responsible to firmly hold the device in place and resist scratches. A pocket at the front can store accessories like chargers or power adapters. The smooth zipper design contributes towards ease of access.


  • Fits most brand 14-inch laptops
  • Simple and sleek design
  • No slip or fall issues

Why We Liked It?

The dark grey color presents a stunning look.

1. Dachee Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag:

1. Dachee Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag

The black peony pattern enhances the overall design of this Dachee messenger bag. For full protection, it comes with 2 main features i.e. shockproof and waterproof. A dense metal zipper is included for flawless access. Using the metal buckle, the laptop stays in place. Moreover, the strap is adjustable and removable.


  • Made of high-quality canvas
  • Fits well in a bag
  • Has multiple pockets

Why We Liked 14-inch Laptop Cases?

The pockets are big enough to hold your tiny accessories.

Concluding Note:

The 14 inch laptop cases are great for storing the laptop and belongings well-organized. They seem comfortable to carry the device wherever you go

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